Fruit Flies are small flies or Gnats usually found in your kitchen. Fruit Flies can be a problem all year round but are common during late summer and fall. Fruits like tomatoes, melons, squash, and grapes usually cause a fruit fly infestation indoors. Rotting bananas, potatoes, onions, and produce left outdoors can lead to a

Finding an army of ants crawling on your bed could be one of the most frustrating experiences to deal with. While the sink in the kitchen or the food in the refrigerator could be prone to ant infestation, they may also find your bed to be a comfortable resting place. Causes for Ants Crawling on

It’s the duty of a homeowner to protect his loved ones and members of the family from all harm. This harm can be intended to your furry felines, dogs and other pets in your home. Just like humans, pets too are susceptible to unique illnesses that can only affect them. There are various pests too

Winter is finally here! Time to bring out the hot cocoa and cider! But just like homeowners would prefer to warm up beside a fire while it snows, winter pests would like to keep warm too! With dropping temperatures on the outside, all sorts of pests and critters will seek refuge in your warm and

The Carpet Beetle can be considered an evergreen pest because of its constant need for warmth and shelter. They thrive in your home’s upholstery during the summer and spring months. In the winter they fly into your home in search of much-needed warmth for survival. While Carpet Beetles are essentially harmless to you and your

Homeowners have to deal with all sorts of pests. Cockroaches, rats, bed bugs, and moreover mosquitoes are just a few pests that one might have to deal with on a regular basis. But many a time, we forget that pests can come in any shape or size. The dust mite is one pest that haunts

With Fall finally here, the weather starts to get cooler, and the sight of falling leaves may seem pleasant. But with the drop in temperature, pests, animals alike will begin their hibernation process or seek warmth until the winter tides over. In that search for warmth, many pests and critters will turn to your home

With every pest infestation comes the task of getting of cleaning up the mess after. This could be the dead remains of the pests or the excrement and residue they spread around your home. With every kind of pest comes different kinds of droppings and residue. Other than looking gross and unsightly in your home,

You will be surprised at how common this problem can be! A pest infestation in your office space can be far worse than a pest infestation in your home. Office spaces have multiple people entering and leaving, and this could escalate the problem or even make it embarrassing if you have clients coming in often.

The month of Spooks is here, and that means kids and families alike dress up as their favorite ghouls and monsters. Homes will be decorated with carved up Jack-O-Lanterns and candles, all to celebrate the Halloween spirit and to invite trick or treaters. While there are many creepy crawlies associated with the event of Halloween,