Fleas are those bloodsucking pests that are lethal to every member in your household. Your four-legged friends included. These tiny pests don’t have the ability to fly around like mosquitoes, but they can leap great distances, which still make them quite a nuisance. The main source of nutrition of a flea is mostly blood meals.

Fire ants could possibly be the most lethal of the ant species. Both versions be it the Red Imported Fire Ants and Black Imported Fire ants can be quite dangerous to you and your home. They are very aggressive with their sting causing reactions which range from irritation and nausea to severe allergic reactions or

With the growing concern of Hurricane Florence flooding the United States, you should  prepare your home with the necessary precautions and resources. But, you need to keep in mind, just like you, pests and rodents will try to seek refuge in your home. Here are some of the most common pests that invade homes during

Bedbugs and mosquitoes are your main culprits if you aren’t able to have a good nights sleep for days. While it is easier to repel and protect yourself from mosquitoes, it is very difficult to get rid of a bed bug menace. In most cases, bedbugs should be taken care of by the professionals. If

Pantry moths, otherwise known as Indian Meal moths can be quite a nuisance. For starters, they can potentially contaminate and ruin all your stored food, without you knowing it! Pantry moths mostly dwell in open food containers and ingredients left in the open. Ingredients like rice, flour etc are usually the most common place they

Spiders, in general, are a species of bugs that strikes fear in most people. They are unsightly to look at and many of them are venomous. While most garden and house spiders are mostly harmless, they can still scare you and your family members. The Wolf Spider is one of the larger arachnids that can

Wasps are quite a bane. They do not contribute to the process of pollination and are very hostile and territorial. So what can you do when there is an infestation forming up near or in your house? Appearance First things first, you need to recognise how a yellow jacket wasp appears. Yellowjacket wasps are about

Earwigs are small spindle like insects that resemble closely to worms. Though they are harmless their appearance strikes fear in any resident or homeowner. This is because earwigs also have tiny pincers that look like they could hurt. Not to worry though, earwigs don’t bite humans and are considered omnivores. The other fear that most

  Blow flies and Bottle flies can be considered one and the same. That is because their most common determinant aspect is that they are born and feed off of dead animals. Female bottle flies lay their eggs onto the skin of recently dead animals. The eggs that hatch into larvae and feed on the

When it comes to termites, it all starts when the queen lays nearly 20,000 to 30,000 eggs per day. What’s worse is that these termites can live for a staggering 30 years but the common ones here in the US have a 15-17 year lifespan. The growth of the colony is another cause of concern