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Lloyd Pest Control
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Southern California looked a little different back in the early 1930’s when my grandfather, Al, began chasing rats from local warehouses and businesses. The downtown construction boom had sent rodents scurrying everywhere. Panicked, many business owners called upon the services of Lloyd Pest Control, which, at the time, consisted of one exterminator

Rats are nocturnal, so Granddad often waited until nighttime to enter warehouses. He favored a .22 caliber rifle which he loaded with bird shot. My grandfather had a great commitment to getting rid of his customers’ pests – and an even better aim. The word got out.

Before long, there were two trucks, another exterminator. Then came a lot of what, I suppose, could be termed research and development. Granddad would perform a pest elimination service, and then sit down with the business owner to discuss results and strategies for improvement. It was this concept of partnership that helped my grandfather and Lloyd Pest Control grow to be so successful.

Today, two generations later, Lloyd Pest Control’s elimination service covers Southern California with more than 200 radio-dispatched trucks, 200 licensed technicians, supervisors, a Quality Control staff, an entomologist, and a biologist. But we’ve never forgotten our roots. Recently, one of our managers found a dusty ledger from the 1940’s. I thumbed through its yellowed pages. Most entries simply recorded information that customers had shared with our service men. But it got me thinking.

I realize that we have become one of Southern California’s premier pest elimination companies for two reasons, both of which were handed down by my grandfather. We are committed to always finding a better way to do our job. And we still learn the needs of our customers by listening to them.

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