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Rose Pest Solutions
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Rose Pest Solutions has been serving Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky and Western Pennsylvania for over 150 years. The company has been solving pest problems since 1860. Today, they continue our longstanding tradition of providing effective residential and commercial pest control solutions for Michigan, Ohio, NE Indiana, Northern Kentucky and Western Pennsylvania.

Rose Pest Solutions is locally owned and operated. That means they can quickly and confidently implement and provide customers with the latest technological advancements and green initiatives available today.

They assure reliable, effective pest control, administered by knowledgeable, highly trained technicians at Rose Pest Solutions. Count on Rose to deliver comprehensive pest control throughout their service area.

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  1. K

    Leesburg , FL

    Posted On July 11, 2019

    Review No. 7


    Customer Service  

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    Warning this company is only out to get your money.This company was hired when I did my closing for the home warranty however I had a problem with my plumbing. A few weeks after I moved into the property I was told to call the phone servicing club because I have Warranty with this company. They told me in order for them to pay for it they have to send out a technician to find out and what’s going on my plumbing I have to pay the plumbing guy $95 then comes to find out that the company said they do not cover plumbing issues which it stated clearly in the paperwork that they do cover plumbing this company had cost me hundreds of dollars to fix the plumbing and they did not put a dime to cover it it’s a waste to have quarantine company you’re just taking your money. I have another problem with my air conditioner call the home warranty company again if I get a technician they will cover the pavement. So I got a technician a technician came out and he did a diagnosed and says that the air-conditioner needs Freon and air handler coil needs to be changed. I called the company back and told them that I had called the air-conditioner company which is good money and they said they were replaced the Unit for free. I spoken to Marie from home servicing company she says she will send a manager some information and let him know what’s going on and they will try to cover if fees such as installation and the service fee for the technician to come out and did a diagnostic on the unit however I never heard back from Maury I have a guy that called me his name is Rob he claims that he is a technician that home warranty company send him.Who is responsible for the payments he said don’t worry everything is covered I said OK I said but let me call the home warranty company back and find out what’s going on I spend over two hours trying to get through to someone finally got through to guy named Jerry he says he still determining who is going to be covering the technician fee I said the technician is at my house and you need to find out who is going to pay for him comes to find out he says that I am responsible for the payment and they just pull their self out. However the guy just come plug the machine up to the equipment machine outside and says that my AC unit needs Freon and it’s going to be $103 for a pound and he needs to put 3 pounds inside of it and the home warranty company is going to give him $15 and I have to cover the rest of it.I am guessing that the manager never prove anything I’m not even sure but they went ahead and send a technician out to my house the technician shows up and asking for $85 for me to pay him when I spoke to Maury yesterday she said she’s going to try to find out who is going to be responsible for it most likely they can try it they will try to help me in covering those fees because their manufacture will be replacing the unit at no charge.

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