Pest Control Companies and Pest Control Warranty

PCR Pest Control Companies and Pest Control Warranties

Pest control as a business model works very closely with the customer. The needs of individual customers and their homes vary to a large extent. The pest control company should consider this before they provide their services to the customer. The success of the customer’s relationship with the pest control company is as much a responsibility of the customer as it is of the company.

The relevance of pest control as a service has increased today considering modern lifestyle habits. Pest control companies must require a license to operate and the operator must pass several tests to prove their proficiency in handling chemicals and methods to exterminate pests and vermin. They often specialize to cater to needs pertinent to the localities in which they operate. Most pest control companies offer services for the extermination of common pests like roaches, rats, termites, ants, and bees. Although there are others that specialize in the extermination of specific kinds of pests, for instance, companies that specialize in the control of snakes and other reptilian pests.

It is fairly easy to avail information about local pest control companies. Most pest control companies advertise their services in local newspapers and magazines and have websites of their own. Although it is easy to find a pest control company in specific areas, it is important not to take a hurried decision and compare and analyze the available alternatives, before finalizing on a company.

The first priority would be to completely understand the extent of the pest situation in your area. Having understood the full extent of the problem, you start the lookout by listing out all the available service providers and screen them primarily on the basis of whether they hold a valid and current license or not. Communication is key to ensure the complete success of a pest control program. Transparency on both, the customer’s as well as the pest controller’s front is essential to get to the root of the problem and find an ideal solution. Despite the urgency of the problem, it is best to get in touch with a few companies and settle down for one of fair reputation that meets your expectations and standards.

It is very important to know about the chosen company. It would be advisable to make note of the company’s registration number, the details of their license, contact details and so on. Before any treatment begins in your area, the validity of the chosen pest control company’s license can always be verified for complete surety. This may seem like a simple task that is easily outsourced. A thorough pest control costs a reasonable amount and is quite a task to have redone if not handled right the first time. More so, the validity of the company comes into play when the job is carried out with faults, causing certain hazardous substances to come in contact with you and your family.

You may be required by the company to prepare in some manner beforehand, and this should be clarified before the actual treatment begins. Check the products that will be used and the nature of the products. It is always helpful to know the formulation of the products that will be used and the EPA registration numbers of those products. These details act as precautionary guidelines to ensure that no substance that will be used, will harm you or other residents of the area, and that regulated protocol is followed during treatment.

Several pest control companies also have low-toxicity options and environmentally friendly pest control measures that you could opt for. If you have concerns that the pest control company must be aware of or queries regarding their method of treating a certain situation, it is best to ask and gather as much information as possible. Customer awareness is key to ensure a successful, and more importantly safe, pest control treatment.

Pest Control Warranty

Pest control companies often provide a warranty on their services. That is a period after treatment within which they cover further pest control treatments, free of charge. Considering that as a consumer you have spent a reasonable amount of money on the pest control treatment, it is justifiable to ensure that you receive the full worth of your money in terms of quality of service and post-service customer care. A pest control warranty guarantees just that.

Apart from being an ethical business practice, providing a warranty also means that the pest control company is looking at the long-term benefit of the customer. That said, not all pest control companies provide the clearest warranties. Unless a warranty contract is a written document, the incomplete and unclear language could simply take you for a ride.

Pest control warranties generally are of three types:

1. Limited Period Warranties

Limited Period Warranties are probably the most common type of pest control warranty policies available. They cover a short span of time, for instance, a period of 30 days. Such warranties mostly cover common indoor pests, for instance, ants, and termites. If your warranty is a general warranty, it need not necessarily treat your area for all the pests mentioned in the coverage. But, it will address those if the need arises. For example, a general pest control warranty may provide treatment for common, small indoor pests like ants. But in case of larger pests like raccoons, the treatment will be only in case of a raccoon issue.

2. Cash Back Guarantees

Many pest control companies verbally agree on a Cash Back Guarantee. But, it is only wise to not fall for word of mouth guaranty. Even if it is a written guarantee, terms and conditions need to be looked at thoroughly before you sign.

3. Full Year Warranties

Many pest service companies ask for a certain amount of fees for a yearly pest control program. This works quite like an annual maintenance contract. As a customer, you will have to be more vigilant than in normal situations if you get a full year warranty. Keep an eye out to see if the company comes only on call. Also, check if they carry out treatments from time to time on regular intervals.

You should carefully choose a pest control company and decide on the best pest control warranty. Take up a warranty after doing some thorough research on them

An ant extermination treatment does not explicitly mean that ants will never appear again. Recurring and untimely or premature expenses on exterminating the same pest reflect on the company’s lack of efficiency. It would be best to consult with neighbors and friends. Apart from the local classifieds, you can find a trusted and reliable pest controller who is reasonable and effective.

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