7 Golden Rules to Ensure a Pest-free Office Workplace

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You will be surprised at how common this problem can be! A pest infestation in your office space can be far worse than a pest infestation in your home. Office spaces have multiple people entering and leaving, and this could escalate the problem or even make it embarrassing if you have clients coming in often.

Most Common Pest Problems in Offices

The three most popular pest problems in offices are- cockroaches, bed bugs, and mice!

Papa Roach

This is the most common pest problem that office spaces experience. A cockroach infestation is not just ugly and a put-off but it can also crop serious health issues for the employees in the office.

According to the National Center for Healthy Housing (NCHH), cockroaches in a home environment are a health hazard not only because of the risks posed by cockroach antigens to asthma sufferers but also because they carry diseases like Salmonella. The same could happen in an office setup. Cockroaches could also destroy important business paper documents.


Mouse Run

A lone ranger rodent or mouse that has found its way into a workplace is enough to disrupt the routine in the office space. Rodents can cause horrific damage in an office that can prove to be quite expensive. They can chew through cables, wires and major systems.


Bed Bug Invasion

Bed bugs are an annoying pest that chooses to live beyond their name and explore any upholstery and not just beds. These are extremely hard to get rid of and there’s always the fear of them tagging onto stuff and migrating to more places. Despite them not posing any major health risks, they cause a nuisance with their itchy bites and quick breeding.

How to Keep Your Office Pest-free and Clean?

Just like any other place, the hygiene factor plays a major role in keeping pest away. Here are 7 golden rules to ensure that your workplace stays pest-free:

1. Hold employees accountable for their work-stations

Inform all employees that they will be held accountable for keeping their work-station clean. Cleaning accidental beverage or food spills immediately should be considered an expectation. The lack of these habits can make the floor susceptible to a pest infestation.

2. Hire professional cleaners

Get in touch with a professional cleaning service and hire their services. It’s much better to hire a cleaning service and ensure hygienic conditions than to have to deal with a pest infestation. Crumbs left on the floor and trash cans that aren’t cleared away for days are bound to attract rodents and bugs. The cleaners will sweep the floors and empty trash cans every day. Also, the outside garbage bins must be emptied weekly.

3. Make sure indoor plants are healthy and pest-free

Decorative plants inside the office contribute to a pleasant work environment. However, they need to be maintained, pruned and treated on a regular basis. If not, it could attract gnats and other pests and create problems in the office.

4. Ensure there’s no opportunity for pests to make a home

Pests like rodents and cockroaches thrive in warm, dark, and moist areas. Ensure that the building is checked for cracks, leaks, and other problems so that they don’t work as an inviting entry point for bugs. Check plumbing areas, washrooms, the pantry, and storage areas from time-to-time and perform routine maintenances checks.

5. Establish strict rules for hygiene

Establish strict hygiene standards. Leaving food or beverage leftovers overnight should not be tolerated. Food items kept in the fridge shouldn’t be forgotten and left for good. Decluttering desks must be made a regular practice.  

6. Assign cleanup duties for shared areas

For common areas like the pantry or conference rooms that are shared by all employees, assign clean-up duties. Employees should wash dishes immediately after using them or dispose of trash in the designated can. Conference rooms should be tidied up before leaving. Responsibilities like clearing the community refrigerator of abandoned items can also be designated to employees.

7. Have a routine pest control inspection

It’s far easier to prevent a pest problem than to get rid of one. Get in touch with a pest control company and subscribe to a year-round pest control plan. Each season the pest control company will come in and examine the place before placing the necessary repellents to prevent pest for that season.

How to Select a Good Pest Control Company?

You’re in luck! PestControlRoom.com provides a list of top pest control companies across the nation. You can browse through different pest control companies, read reviews and get a free quote by entering your ZIP and the email ID on which you’d like to receive the quote.

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