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Keeping your home pest-free seems like an expensive albeit difficult task doesn’t it? Well, fret not, because, for most of the critters and pests that plague your garden and the interiors of your home, the solutions exist in your kitchen. Just by infusing different resources in your home, you can conjure up the perfect magic potions that work as the perfect natural pest repellent. Now while you could go with the most common solution of using bug spray and pesticides, you need to know that they are dangerous to us as much as they are lethal to pests. So before you make the call, try out these natural remedies first.

Here are a few magic potions you could create that can aid you in repelling different kinds of pests:

Coffee Grounds for all pests

Did you know, your favorite cup of joe can prove to be the bane of the pests’ existence? To start off, this trick is pretty easy. All you need to do is take your excess coffee grounds and spread it around the area you want to be protected from pests. While humans find coffee grounds as a source of energy, insects for unknown reasons find it absolutely unbearable. So next time you fear an infestation about to rise, don’t dispose the excess grounds into the bin, spread them around to make a protective barrier that repels insects from entering.

Borax and Sugar for Ants

Ant Infestations are the worst, they ruin all your stocked up food and are unpleasant to look at. You can’t even leave even a crumb of a sweet treat around, lest you attract a horde of ants lining up towards it. But you see, the key to getting rid of them is the purest form of sweets itself. Sugar! Adding a little Borax serves as a concoction that creates the ultimate ant trap.

Pests Remedies Borax

All you need to do is add in half a cup of sugar to a cup of warm water and two teaspoons of Borax. Place the solution near the source of the ants and watch the ants get trapped. You might have already guessed how this concoction works. The sugar works as an attraction to the ants and the borax the chemical that works as the killing blow for ants.

As a preventive measure, it is advisable that you keep all your edibles and food ingredients in airtight plastic containers. This will ensure that they stay fresh for a longer period and the airtight containers ensure that ants and other pests cannot trace your food through scent.

If you’re trying to prevent ants from entering your stockpile of sugar, a simple preventive measure would be to place a few pieces of clove in your container. It is to be believed that ants are repelled by the chemicals present in cloves.

Apple Cider/ Vinegar for fruit flies

Fruit flies are an absolute nuisance, aren’t they? Always buzzing about and after the fresh produce that you bought from the market. By now, you must know very well that fruit flies are much much harder to swat compared to the average mosquito and even harder to repel.

Apple cider Pests Remedy PCR

But fret not, there’s a magic homemade solution to repel the persistent fruit fly. What you need first is a funnel based vessel or bottle, this would allow flies to enter but make it difficult for them to leave.

Next, you will need to fill the bottle with apple cider vinegar or normal vinegar. Then you need to chop up small pieces of apple and add it to the vinegar. Place the bottle away from the area where there are fruits and vegetables. The chopped apple works as a bait for fruit flies while the vinegar while easily consumed by human beings prove to be extremely acidic and in turn fatal for insects and flies.

Spicy Spray for garden pests

Here’s one formula that is used universally for all kinds of pests, humans too! A hot pepper spray is quite an effective tool, be it for creepy stalkers or your garden creepers. Hot pepper spray is effective in repelling and even killing garden pests. This is one solution that adheres more to your plants which get eaten by different pests.

To make this plant friendly pepper spray, add 3 tablespoons of hot pepper flakes or cayenne pepper to a gallon of water. Boil the water and then add a few drops of soapy water to make it safe for the plants. Next transfer the solution onto to a spray bottle.

The next step goes without saying, spray the solution onto the leaves and stems of your plants to instantly repel pests.

Egg Wash Plants for Deer

Homeowners living in areas with vast and natural landscapes tend to have a unique pest situation. The pest is the local wildlife, deer. While the deer is mostly a harmless animal, they do feed on the plant life maintained by homeowners. This becomes a problem as the surrounding fauna around the home is ruined and if the homeowner has a profession in agriculture, his crops become ruined.

Now deer are a herbivorous class of animals and most of them do not touch meat. So what better way to protect your plants than an egg wash. A concoction consisting of 20% pure eggs and 80% water will ensure that deer and other wildlife do not approach your plants. Just fill the solution on to a spray bottle and sprinkle the liquid all over your plants. As egg solutions are pretty thick, you will have to keep cleaning the nozzle as it will block easily with each spray.

Banana Peels/Tin foil for Aphids

Aphids are garden pests that burrow and eat through leaves and stems of plants. They are very hard to spot and even harder to get rid off without hurting your plants in the process. But here’s a neat trick that not only rids aphids but also makes your plants stronger than ever. All you need to do is place some chopped banana peels along the soil line of your plants. This will repel aphids instantly. The chopped peels also have lots of nutrients that get absorbed into the soil and ready to be utilized by your plants.

Another addition to this method is to add tin foil to your soil line. During daytime, the foil will bounce back and reflect sunlight onto your plants, making it an effective method for your plants to photosynthesize. It also is effective in burning up aphids hiding on the underside of leaves. A word of caution though, too much light may lead to burning up of your plants as well.

Essential Oils for Spiders and Rats

Two common indoor pests that everyone dreads are spiders and rats. Just the sight of either of these two pests near to you will make you jump and try to take apart your home to get rid of them. Well did you know you can kill two birds with one stone in this situation? All you need is store-bought essential oils (specifically eucalyptus and peppermint).

Essential Oils Pests Remedy PCR

For spiders, the scent of essential oils are just too overwhelming for them and they die or run away if exposed too much to it. All you need to do is sprinkle the oil in the corners, gaps, and crevices of your home and any place you find spider nests, in general, to get rid of the spider pest.

When you’re done with repelling spiders via the use of essential oils, it is advisable that you maintain those areas through constant dusting, sweeping of the area. Spiders tend to live up in areas that are usually untouched so a little dusting works as maintenance to prevent them.

While the scent of essential oils is very soothing to us humans, rats find it unbearable. Just line the edge of your flooring with sprinkles of peppermint oil and closed spaces where you suspect rats tend to dwell and you’ll drive away your rat menace. This is also a safe technique that involves no killing of the rat. The dead corpse of rats begin to smell almost instantly and it is quite putrid and nasty. Hence this is a better alternative that ensures that your home isn’t in a mess. Also, as a bonus, these essential oils are quite a pleasant scent wise and if spread around your home will make your home pleasant as well.

Salt for Snails

While this is now common knowledge that salt can prove fatal to snails, people are still uninformed of how much and where to put the salt. Snails can usually be found in your garden, so the most obvious method for prevention is placing the salt outside the entrances to your home. Little do people know, that the salt can easily blow away and the snails will be back at it again soon enough.

Pests Remedies Salt PCR

The smarter solution is to use rock salt and line it inside the house near the entrance. Rock salt is heavier and denser and hence won’t be blown away that easily. Placing the salt indoors prevents natural winds to carry away the salt as well. Snails won’t dare enter your home this way.

Lavender for Moths

You must find the sight of moths fluttering around your indoor lights an unnerving sight, don’t you? No matter whatever you throw at them they don’t seem to leave. Did you know that the simplest solution for driving away moths is to spray lavender room fresheners? Moths find the scent of lavender flowers unbearable. So anything that produces the scent of lavender is key to keeping moths at bay. What’s more, you’ll even have your home smelling pleasant like lavender flowers.

A Pest Control Plan

Now you can use all the resources in your home to create these wonderful concoctions to repel all sorts of pests mentioned above. But what if your pest problems are beyond your control and various pest infestations have taken your home and family members hostage? You should opt for the most obvious solution and hire an exterminator or pest control service.

Now before you settle on a pest control service/agent, you must be worried about how much money you’d be spending for one session of extermination. Fret not, because you can gauge and find out the best in the pest control industry just be heading over to pestcontrolroom.com. This is your one place to list and compare all your possible pest control options and decide the best you think for the best price.

You can scroll through all the top pest control companies and compare their prices based on their reputation and the services they offer. Keep in mind their reviews and ratings are all based on the experiences of homeowners just like you, so it is more power to you when it comes to deciding who handles your pest control.

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