Autumn/ Fall pests that will plague your home

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With Fall finally here, the weather starts to get cooler, and the sight of falling leaves may seem pleasant. But with the drop in temperature, pests, animals alike will begin their hibernation process or seek warmth until the winter tides over. In that search for warmth, many pests and critters will turn to your home in seek of shelter. These uninvited guests can cause a lot of havoc to your home, not to mention getting you and your family members infected by dangerous diseases.

So here are some of the pests that can plague your home during the fall and winter months

Termites and Ants

PCR Ants Termites Autumn Fall

Ants and termites are considered homewreckers. Infestations from these two pests can cause so much structural damage to your home if you are not observant. They can breach through your home’s defenses and build their colonies within your walls. As soon as one would expect it, these colonies will then begin to feed and burrow into the wooden structures of your home, creating vast pathways for expansion in the process. They cut through pivotal support beams and framing of your home making it very weak.

The worst part of a carpenter ant or termite infestation is that the homeowner will notice the destruction of their home only after it’s too late. They are then subject to spending thousands of dollars on repairs- in the chance that the house can be repaired at all!

Rodents in the Fall:

PCR Autumn Rodents

Rodents are a notorious pest known all over the world. Who can forget that they were the main carriers and spreaders of the Bubonic Plague? The event that led to the death of tens and thousands of European civilians. When it comes to your household and you, it can lead to a similar if not worse effect. Rodents are known for getting in between your walls and chewing all your wiring. Not to forget, they love to nibble on your Sheetrock. So other than being a disgustingly hairy carrier of disease, they cause havoc by disrupting your electrical, phone, internet and TV wiring. As wiring is usually lined between walls, it is very difficult to track and figure out where your wire has been nibbled off! This could lead to tearing down parts of your home in order to fix your wiring and that can be an expensive ordeal. Hiring an electrician to fix the issue can make a severe blow to your pocket.

Cockroaches in the Fall:

Cockroaches are one of the most notorious Fall invaders. Their notoriety stems from their love of bacteria and decay. When they are done crawling through your grimy drain pipes, they feed and make themselves at home in your flour bags and other packaged food. The worst part about this is that you and your family are oblivious to their invasion until it’s too late. A cockroach infestation can result in the children in your family getting sick with the flu, while you think that its the fall weather that caused the illness.

Biting Pests:

PCR Autumn Biting Fall

There are a lot of pests out there that are either annoyance, territorial, aggressive or just thrive on the blood of humans. As mentioned before, the Autumn/fall season demarks the coming of winter and all these biting pests will look for sources of heat and warmth in order not freeze over. This entails a whole lot of swatting and scratching in the household. There is a whole slew of biting pests that you might have to deal with in the fall. Ladybugs stink bugs, crickets, silverfish, centipedes, cluster flies and more are just the pests that will invade your garden and home and are harmless. The ones that you need to keep caution when killing are your spiders, wasps, fleas, and ticks. Luckily enough, the colder months lead to the lesser appearance of the common mosquito. Because mosquitoes usually breed in stagnant water, and the winter months prevent that due to freezing, you might have better nights of sleep.

Spiders, wasps, fleas, and ticks are a completely different story in terms of handling. If you have an infestation consisting any of these, your first obvious step would be to not go after them on your own. Wasps are very aggressive and can sting repeatedly unlike bees. While you might think most household spiders are harmless, there are some variants like the black widow and the brown recluse spider, whose venom is fatal. Getting bitten by either of these spiders could lead to a quick death if proper medication is not administered quickly.

When it comes to getting rid of all the pests that come alive in your garden and home during the fall, you can opt to research and use DIY methods that take a lot of time to be effective. These methods will also cost you quite some money in procuring the necessary equipment. This is only one of the reasons why investing in a pest control agency is your best method of killing pests.

Calling in a pest control is extremely effective as you can get rid of all pests in one fell swoop. You might be having a lot of questions in terms of reliability and price. You can quell all those doubts at With a database of all the top pest control agencies in the United States, all ranked and reviewed by consumers, you are assured utmost clarity.

Once you’ve picked your pest control agency, you can be one step closer to a pest free home by asking for a quote for your preferred pest control agency.

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