What’s The Best Way To Fight Mosquitoes?

If you aren’t careful, you could be prey to mosquitoes that feast on your blood. The best way to prevent them is to ensure that they don’t bite you or you’ll end up with bites and rashes all over your body. As a preventive measure, you could wear long sleeve t-shirts or sweatshirts with long pants or track pants at home.

Also, you can swat them with your hands or a mosquito swatter which is made of thick metal or plastic. There are some which you can mount with a spring wire at one end and this increases the pace of hitting stationary mosquitoes.

Effective Ways to Fight Mosquitoes

Effective Ways to Fight Mosquitoes

  1. Handy Instruments: Think about it, you need any object that increases your swing radius so to speak! If you don’t have a swatter around, then a rolled up newspaper or magazine should suffice.

  2. Mosquito Repellents: In order to avoid getting bitten, you can use mosquito repellent on uncovered skin and on your clothing when you’re outdoors. This is especially so during the day, so if you are using sunscreen, then you need to apply it before you apply your insect repellent. Some of the repellents include:

    Most repellents comprise of 30% to 50% DEET (N, N-diethyl-m-toluamide) which are popular repellents. This is recommended for both adults and children that are more than 2 months old. You should know that the lesser amount of DEET, the protection does not last as much as you expect. Hence, you would have to reapply the repellent more often.

    Some repellents contain 15% picaridin and they must be applied often. Though Picaridin is odorless, you can also enjoy the feel of it as it does not plasticize like DEET. This can also be used on infants that are 2 months and above. For infants below 2 months you should use mosquito netting.

  3. Oil-based Repellents: While using these chemicals, some question the combining of synthetic chemicals in the laboratory. This is why most homes choose to use Citronella Oil, Cinnamon Oil, and Castor Oil to fight mosquitoes. The only downside is that natural repellents need to be applied more than its chemical counterparts.

    –  The oil of Lemon eucalyptus is used in products like Repel which gives a pleasant scent, repels ticks as well and does not have the plasticizing feel.

    – The second option is Tea Oil which can be used as a Natural Repellent. Take some time to look out for its commercial repellents.

    – Use Skin Armour Deep Woods Outdoor soap which uses a group of powerful natural oils. These products have been used for several decades and they are safe to use even when you are working or camping outdoors.

  4. Clothing: If there are a lot of mosquitoes that swarm your home, then you should choose a long-sleeved shirt with long pants. If you cover your skin, then there’s a lower chance of being at the receiving end of mosquito bites. You can choose to spray mosquito repellents on clothing that contains permethrin and EPA-registered repellents. Also, you should choose heavy clothing with blues, blacks and red colors. Also, remember not to use scents when you are outdoors as it attracts mosquitoes.

  5. Mosquito Nets: Is your home in a mosquito infested area? Then you need to choose to have a net draped around the bed or mat as it touches the floor on all sides. This provides an effective way to prevent them from getting inside your home especially when there are large doors and windows. In order to fight them, you should check your net for holes, and make sure that you are not touching the net while sleeping. If you have pets, then you should cover their kennels and other pet beds with mosquito nets.

  6. Bug-proof Your Home: You need to check your screens and repair all holes and tears in the screen. Silicon caulk or screen patches fix these holes. Also, you need to weatherproof certain areas and take the right measures to stop mosquitoes from coming in.

  7. Mosquitoes and Time of Day: You need to determine if these mosquitoes come out at dusk, dawn or at night. Once this is kept in mind, you should know when to venture outdoors and at what times mosquitoes are most active and how to protect your exposed skin.

Mosquitoes Carry Disease

Mosquitoes Carry Disease

Mosquitoes are not just annoying buzzing creates that have itchy bites. There are more than 3,000 mosquito species that are responsible for transporting some of the deadliest diseases known to man.

While Malaria is carried by the female Anopheles mosquitoes, it causes as many as 600,000 deaths in the U.S.

The culex mosquito is notorious for spreading the West Nile virus, filariasis and encephalitis and the Aedes mosquito carries the yellow fever, dengue and encephalitis.

You may feel that most of these diseases plague developing nations, the first case of West Nile virus was in New York City in 1999. It has spread to several people and over 2,000 have died of this deadly virus. However, mosquito bites are worse than others. Some mosquitoes in Florida, the Gallinipper to be exact, is the size of a quarter and can give you quite a nasty bite.

Maybe you can try this DIY Mosquito Trap

Prevent Mosquitoes From Taking Over Your Yard

Keeping mosquitoes away in your yard is all the more tedious as compared to keeping your home pest free. You need to constantly find ways and be one step ahead to beat these mosquitoes at their game. Here are some useful tips to fight the mosquito menace:

1. Use Citronella Oil

While some mosquitoes dislike Citronella oil, you can safely use it on your body and use it as a candle or torch to smoke away these bugs. Also, you can choose to plant a Citronella plant in a pot of your porch in order to discourage mosquitoes.

In a similar way, you could also use Citronella incense coils to check with other ingredients that sit in line of the smoke. However, you should be aware that Citronella incense coils could be bad for your health in the long run. Despite the fact, quite a few people use this remedy to ward off mosquitoes.

2. Heating Essential Oils

Heating Essential OilsUse an oil burner and a candle to heat up some water with essential oils like lemon eucalyptus, lavender and catnip. The heat of the candle evaporates the oil into the air and it uses the heat and repellent oils to create a 3 meter radius of a mosquito-free zone around you.

3. Use Soapy Water

You should look at enjoying your outdoor meal and keeping mosquitoes away by placing a dish of water with some dish soap in a place out of sight. So, how does it work?  Mosquitoes get attracted to the water source and are instantly trapped in the soap bubble.

4. Brighten Up Your Yard With LEDs

Brighten Up Your Yard With LEDsThere are several types of LED lights that are used to distract mosquitoes. These are normally yellow LEDs placed at doorways, windows and porches. This is because mosquitoes are put off by yellow LEDs like bug lights and sodium lamps.

A great way to light up the outdoor is with LED bulbs. But, if most of these options fail to meet its objective then bug lights will help shut out the problem. Bug lights are sure to zap all bugs irrespective of size by attracting them to its blue bright light and killing them with the electrical coil placed in between. This should be placed out of reach of all children and high enough to be away from your pets at home.

5. Attach Screens Outdoors

If you live in mosquito infested places, you might want to use a net or screen outside. Simply add a suitable net or clear the outdoor covering all around the porch and outdoor area. You must waterproof it to ensure that it can be used during the rain and snow as well.

6. Utilize Mosquito Traps

Mosquitoes can be killed when you use a dedicated machine that employs carbon dioxide and heat. These traps attract mosquitoes and entrap them by killing them using nets with containers or with the use of chemicals. Though mosquito trapping systems are expensive, the are considerably effective and they help ensure that your yard remains mosquito free. The best part about it is that it clears breeding areas and its also known for trapping bugs other than mosquitoes. You should make the conscious effort not to use the zapper to kill several bugs as it can be noisy and kill even non-harmful ones as well.

Corrective Actions

Here are some tips and tricks to ensure that you are not adding to the mosquito menace unconsciously. This means that you should get rid of all open water containers and plates under potted plant. Also, you need to ensure that there is no standing water anywhere. Even ponds, kid pools, improper drains and yards can cause massive problems.

The best way to fight this problem is by draining stagnant water in the yard and ensuring that as long as it is chlorinated, then you should provide filters to mosquitoes that buzz right onto you.

Add new Landscaping Elements

Make natural repellents part of your landscape and this will deter even animals like deer that would otherwise walk into your yard and make a mess. This means that you need to ensure that you fill your yard with species like Citronella and Lemon Grass to keep away uninvited guests.

Use A Fan

Use A Fan

There’s nothing like a fan when you’re in the hot outdoors and enjoying the summer breeze. Add several fans at the patio or porch. This keeps your guests cool and comfortable, and in the process it would blow all the mosquitoes away.

Treat Water in Fish Tanks

Your fish tank could possibly breed mosquitoes if you do not constantly keep it clean and change the water time and again. The fish medicine and fish food should be kept to a bare minimum to what is actually required. If this is done correctly, you’ll have nothing to worry about. But, don’t forget to add lights if the tank is bigger to ensure that you do not allow mosquitoes to breed and enjoy a well illuminated fish tank too.

Keep Swimming Pools Clean

From time to time, you need to keep your pool spick and span and ensure that you add chlorine every once in while as directed. Also, your pool needs to be cleaned with a pool net and extra needs to be taken care of to ensure that your pool does not breed mosquitoes. So, what are waiting for? Go splash about and make waves!

Treat Your Yard with Insecticides

Treat Your Yard with Insecticides

Once in a while, you need to step outdoors and treat your yard with a healthy dose of insecticides. This would ensure that your plants grow well and healthy and in turn all the common garden bugs would be kept at bay. This goes a long way in ensure that they do not enter your home in the process.

Repelling Lanterns

These repelling lanterns are fast catching on and you should opt for one too:

Misting Systems

While you’re at it, misting is a great way to chase away mosquitoes from your yard and home in general. These mists are chemical based and sprayed once all the windows in your home are closed and it plays as a fog that traps and instantaneous kills bugs in the process.

Tips to Arrest Mosquito Larvae

  • You need to clear all standing water in accumulated areas and spray bleach and cinnamon oil mix
  • Choose to sprinkle on muddy areas with non-draining puddles with mosquito bits
  • Remove all leaves and debris that causes clogs and are perfect grounds for mosquitoes
  • Choose mosquito bits and add them to ponds and these are sure not to cause a wildwire.
  • Also, mosquito coils that are burnt or plugged into walls will ensure that mosquitoes and larvae are pushed further away from your home.

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