Carpet Beetles and How to Control Them

PCR Carpet Beetles

The Carpet Beetle can be considered an evergreen pest because of its constant need for warmth and shelter. They thrive in your home’s upholstery during the summer and spring months. In the winter they fly into your home in search of much-needed warmth for survival. While Carpet Beetles are essentially harmless to you and your family members, they cause major destruction to your upholstery and linen.

The reasons why Carpet Beetles are rendered a nuisance is because they destroy fabrics, carpets, sofa seats  and you won’t know the extent of the damage until its too late. There are a few signs you need to keep an eye out for.

First things first, summer and spring months are the time you can actually find Carpet Beetless scurrying about. Carpet Beetles will lay eggs throughout your home. These eggs will hatch, turn to larvae and into full Carpet Beetles in a span of 8-15 days. That’s not all, these hatched larvae are more destructive than adult Carpet Beetles. Their spindly bodies can cause quite an irritation to skin and might leave the areas with red itchy rashes similar to a bed bug bite.

In the occasion of finding a live Carpet Beetle in your home, it means that you already have an infestation. However, observing your home closely can reveal things early in the infestation process:

Shed Skin

One telling signs of a Carpet Beetles infestation is when the Carpet Beetle larvae mature and grow into adult beetles. When they do so, they begin to molt their tight skins and leave behind hard shells. These shells will appear brown, bristly yet mostly translucent. The bristled texture of these shells stems from the irritating nature of the Carpet Beetle larvae hair. The shells are the reason you have bouts of skin irritation whenever you sit or lie down in an infested area of your home.

Fecal Pellets

Alongside the shell and skins of adult Carpet Beetles, you should look for tiny dry pellets of fecal matter. The appearance of these pellets is usually black or very dark brown.

Holes in Fabric

This should be an easy to spot danger sign of a Carpet Beetle infestation in your home. If you find holes in your fabrics, it is mostly the result of larvae and grubs making a meal out of your clothing. Do not be confused with the holes caused by moths. When moths feed, they tend to feed in a sporadic manner and will mostly create holes all over the fabric or garment. Carpet Beetles, on the other hand, will concentrate their feeding only in particular areas.

Not only that, Carpet Beetles are responsible for all kinds of damage. They can eat through expensive leather. You can also find the extent of their feeding crossing over to damage books and papers and photographs. They are even a cause for concern when it comes to pets as they can feed on fur.

Entry Methods of Carpet Beetles:

Carpet Beetles find it relatively easy to get into your home. They can grab a ride on all the plants and flowers you bring into your home. They can also latch onto the fur of your pets or the clothing you wear completely undetected. These sneaky critters are capable of using many pathways to enter your home. They can enter via your chimney, vents, electrical conduits, Windows and even cracks on your walls.

How to Get Rid of Carpet Beetles?


PCR Carpet Beetles Vacuum

The first step to getting rid of Carpet Beetles and in future controlling them would be to vacuum clean your whole house. Using a vacuum cleaner to suck up all the larvae, excrement and shells is the best way to maintain your home and get rid of most of the beetles. You will need to vacuum all your upholstery, carpets, rugs, curtains etc in order to get maximum pest control.

To receive the best results consider purchasing a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter. HEPA filters are specifically designed to suck up pests such as dust mites and Carpet Beetles.

Sprinkle Boric Acid

PCR Carpet Beetles Boric

Boric Acid is considered the magic bullet to getting rid of insect-based pests. Almost every insect pest dies when in close contact with Boric Acid. To implement this method of Carpet Beetle control, liberally spread boric acid over the upholstery that cannot be machine washed. Boric acid is quite effective and you can see results in a few hours. After waiting a couple of hours a quick session with a vacuum cleaner will have you sucking up most of the dead Carpet Beetles and larvae/eggs/stools in no time.

If you are a homeowner with a dog or cat, make sure to keep your pets away from the target areas you spread boric acid. Boric acid can have nasty reactions to furry animals as well.

Hot Washing Fabrics


PCR Hot Wash Carpet Beetles

Carpet Beetles and larvae mostly target natural fabrics and clothes. So a viable method to get rid of larvae and beetles on your clothes is to wash and soak them in hot water. Doing so instantly kills them. However, because the larvae have hair on its exterior that causes irritation to humans, you need to physically remove the dead bugs from the fabric. This should be done with a plastic brush.

If you have natural fabrics and clothes with extensive damage from Carpet Beetle larvae, you may have to dispose of it. You could take it a step further and replace all your natural fabrics with synthetic alternatives.


Did you know, you could achieve a similar result of killing Carpet Beetles and larvae by freezing them? The process however is longer than a hot wash. The only reason you should consider freezing as a method to kill Carpet Beetles is because items like weather/ wool etc would either spoil or shrink if in contact with hot water.

Pheromone Traps

One of the more expensive methods to Carpet Beetle and larvae pest control, you can use pheromone traps to get results. A pheromone trap will give out pheromones that attract insects towards it. This will give you a good idea about the areas that have the most infestations. Alongside the pheromone traps, you can use glue traps on the crevices, cracks, and gaps in your walls to see how many Carpet Beetles are exploiting a path to your home.

Mosquito Nets

PCR Mosquito Nets Carpet Beetles

Another essential tool that can help you prevent more than one type of pests. A mosquito net prevents blood-sucking mosquitoes from entering your home, but can also work to prevent Carpet Beetles from flying into your home. If you see a high number of Carpet Beetles even after taking preventive measures, consider applying nets to your windows.

Call in a Pest Control Agency

PCR Carpet Beetles Pest ControlIf you are seeing the extensive damage all over your home thanks to Carpet Beetles, it’s high time you called in the professionals. If you need to find an agency quick, you need to head on to! It’s the one place where you can find all the top pest control agencies in the United States! If you’re still skeptical, every company is ranked and reviewed by actual customers. All companies are displayed with their salient features and pricing!

Once you’ve set upon a certain pest control agency, you can easily enough ask for a quotation and get rid of your Carpet Beetle menace. Keep in mind though, after fumigation and pest control agencies have cleared all the pests, you need to think of the preventive measures listed above to ensure Carpet Beetles don’t plague your home ever again!

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