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As we approach the tail end of the year, the telling signs can be the Jack-O’-Lanterns, falling leaves, and families stocking up on firewood, in that order. While the odor of cut pumpkin is welcome on Halloween, you might have to deal with the stench of the horrid stink bug! Stink bugs, just like many other pests, recognize that winter is fast approaching, and aim to find refuge.

As the temperatures drop over the course of the coming months, stink bugs will seek warm host venues to survive the cold. So expect an uptick in stink bugs.

Stinks bugs aren’t harmful at all. In fact, they give out their foul odor only when threatened or crushed, and that too doesn’t last long. So why worry? Well, it’s because of events like Halloween, where a lot of vegetation is left in the open for a long period of time. Carved up Pumpkins or Jack-O’-Lanterns, may look appealing not just for trick or treaters, but also as a meal hub for pests.

One or two isolated stink bugs can be dealt with in a matter of minutes. An infestation, however, will be quite difficult to get rid of. This is because stink bugs are known to be very quick fliers. When threatened, they can buzz about an escape from danger with relative ease. As mentioned before, when threatened stink bugs secrete a very foul odor – similar to a skunk. Chasing about Stink Bugs in your home will not only annoy you, but your home will also smell bad too!

Another reason as to be cautious when getting rid of stink bugs is that they release the foul-smelling components even when they are squished or crushed, thus making directly killing them not a smart option.

Other than stinking up your home, Stink bugs are notorious for damaging vegetation in your home. This is more specific to all the fruits and vegetables you store in the open areas of your home. Stink bugs are known for costing agricultural companies millions of dollars every year. This is because stink bug feeding reduces the freshness value of fruits and vegetables by 90% making them ineligible to be sold on the fresh market. These devalued fruits and vegetables will then be used as part of processed goods.

Now, the methods and tips to help you get rid of your stink bug infestation can be categorized in two: Indoor and Outdoor tips.

Outdoor Stink Bugs Pest Control

PCR Outdoor Stink Bugs

If you see a high frequency of stink bugs entering your home, its time you took these precautionary measures:

  • Get all your windows/doors and chimneys screened. The cold weather will force all kinds of pests to find creative ways of entering your home. Your chimney is only one of the places where stink bugs and other pests will make themselves at home.
  • You can then rub all your inlet sheets with pungent dryer sheets. Stink bugs cannot stand the odor of dryer sheets. This can work as a very effective stink repellant
  • The stench of a dead stink bug can actually be helpful in the case of the outdoors. This is because the smell of a dead stink bug becomes an effective warning to other stink bugs who promptly will flee from the premises.
  • Another step to kill stink bugs in one fell swoop would be to hang a wet towel outside your home. Over the night most of the stink bugs would populate and stick on to the towel. Once that is done, drop the bug infested towel into a bucket of soapy water. The viscosity of the soap water will instantly kill all the stink bugs.
  • Whenever you buy groceries and leafy vegetables, always have them checked. Stink bugs thrive and live off fresh produce. If you are unsure of how clean your vegetables are when you bring them home, immediately run them under tap water to weed out all the stink bugs. This will also get rid of the foul smelling residue remaining on your purchased product.

Indoor Stink Bugs Pest Control

PCR Indoor Stink Bugs

When you’re dealing with Stink Bugs it all depends on how many of them you are dealing with. If you’re dealing with a number which you think you can handle by yourself, here’s what you need to do:

First things first, do not attempt to squish them. If they feel threatened they may fly away and emit their foul odor. If you manage to kill them, you’ll have to deal with the full brunt of the stench.

  • Do not attempt to use storebought insecticides and spray them on your baseboards and locations where stink bugs are found, they are proven to be inefficient.
  • The way to go about getting rid of stink bugs would be to vacuum clean them. Keep in mind, you must have a trash bag connected to your vacuum. If you suck up all the stink bugs without having an outlet to a trash bag, even your vacuum cleaner will begin to stink.
  • If there are only a handful of stink bugs in your home, you can use an old disposable water bottle. You can use the cap to coax the stink bug into the bottle and then seal it. You can then spread the stink bugs back into the wilderness. You can repeat this process till all the bugs have been evicted from your home.
  • By opting to throw away all the stink bugs from your home instead of killing them, you prevent the risk of your house stinking up. Throwing stink bugs outside will have them die of cold temperatures in the coming winter.

If you find the process of extracting stink bugs via a vacuum cleaner/ bottling strenuous or there are just too many stink bugs and other pests invading your home, a swift solution would be to call in a pest control agency.

Quick and Clean Solution to Pest Problems

As suggested above, if you want to get rid of your stink bug troubles for good, you will need to call in a pest control agency. Now you must be having so many questions. Is it worth the money? Can I trust the pest control Agency? What if my pest woes persist even after calling them?

The answers to all those questions can be found only at Here, you have a list of all the top pest control agencies in the United States. Every pest control agency listed comes with ratings and reviews from actual users, giving you maximum clarity. Every Pest control agency you find here will be displayed with its various features, prices and the ability to compare with other companies and prices.

Once you find a pest control agency of your choice, you can easily enough ask for a quotation and begin talks with the pest control agency. Here’s to being one step closer to a pest free home!

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