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Bugs and pests can be quite a handful, can’t they? Imagine not getting a good night’s sleep because of a bedbug pest infestation. Imagine your family members getting sick due to food that has been touched by pests like cockroaches and silverfish your drain. Or much worse scenarios where a portion of your home collapsed, all because of a termite pest infestation eating off the wooden supports? Sounds scary, doesn’t it?

But believe it or not, you can prevent all these scenarios from happening if you just have a keen eye for your home.These are tips and tricks that you can do on your own. No need for someone else to do it when you can be the guardian of your own home.

So here are few DIY tips and tricks which could be essential in protecting your home from pests.


The two major pests that could disturb your sleep are bed bugs and mosquitos. While the issue with mosquitos can be curbed by closing the windows, you and your family members would become claustrophobic due to the circulation of stale air.

Mosquito Netting Bedroom

When it comes to mosquitos, you could invest in mosquito netting on your windows. This would allow circulation of fresh air without having to worry about those pesky bloodsuckers. As a precautionary measure, do check the surrounding areas of your home for puddles and water pockets. Stagnant water is usually the hub for breeding of mosquitoes.

Bedbugs, on the other hand, are a much more difficult ordeal. You can try and get some sleep using some repellants but they tend to persist and irritate you. As soon as you find out you have a bedbug infestation, wash all your clothes and keep them away from your wardrobe. The second task would be to buy a new mattress and immediately dispose of the infected mattress. While disposing a mattress would seem like an extreme step, bedbugs often lay eggs inside the mattress, making it very difficult to get rid of Keep in mind that bed bugs like to take refuge in the crevices of your cot and wardrobe, so it would be advisable to buy a home use pest repellent and spray it on the cracks and gaps in your wardrobe and cot.


Now to other integral parts of your home. Your Kitchen. The kitchen is the one place which is reserved for cooking your meals and storing your food supply. Obviously you wouldn’t want pests freeloading off your food when you aren’t around but more importantly, you don’t want you or your family members getting sick via all the harmful diseases pests carry. The first pest to worry about is found in your kitchen sink and drain.

Since your sink is the one place where a little leftover food remains overnight, pests are bound to flock around that area. And insects and pests around your dishes will lead to diseases and infections like Salmonella, Typhoid, and cholera which will endanger you and your family members. The most common drain dweller is your silverfish. A simple trick to eradicate a silverfish infestation is to simply apply boric acid onto your sink and drain pipe. Boric acid will make it unbearable for insects like silverfish and cockroaches to inhabit your sink and also works as a long-term repellent.

Another age-old trick to repel pests from your home is to place naphthalene cubes/balls in all the closed areas of your home. This works as a repellent/trap for pests like rodents and cockroaches. While this is a common practice, it is still quite effective even to this day.  Another obvious practice would be to simply wash your dishes before the end of the day. Having nothing to offer as leftovers for pests would eliminate pests altogether.

When it comes to preservation of food in your home, consider using ziplock bags and airtight containers. Doing this ensures that your food is protected from pests and the outside elements and your food retains its freshness onto the next day. Isn’t that pretty handy?.

Living room/ Hall room:

Contrary to cartoon shows like Tom and Jerry, mice do not have a nice hole in the wall and a humble abode within. Mice would hide anywhere dark and cozy, leaving you in a panic as they could be literally anywhere. When it comes to the living room, here are some of the most common places they could be hiding in.

Your shoe rack is a mice hotspot. Since the soles of your shoes are quite warm, mice tend to take shelter in your shoe rack. You need to take caution as, mice if hungry would eat through your apparel and shoes, leaving you with nothing to wear outside. The next spot where you might find a rodent infestation would be on your cushions and sofa/sitting chair. As explained, rodents love warmth, so some of their obvious venues of refuge would be inside the cushions and seats in our home. Keep an eye out for pillows with tears or bite marks and check below your sofas for holes and tears.

If you do find tears and bite marks on your furniture and seatings, immediately either dispose of them or put them in a wash. Rodent saliva carries a lot of pathogens and dangerous diseases its because of rats infecting everything that the British suffered the plague. A single bite from a rabid rodent would lead you to get several medicinal injections to cure you.


If you have slight arachnophobia (fear of spiders) and don’t want your eight-legged friends to haunt every ceiling corner or jumpscare you by scurrying out from a cupboard here’s what you need to do. No need to call the exterminator or the fire brigade ( based on your fear for them!). All you have to do is fill in equal parts of water and vinegar in a spray bottle. Now all you need to do is spray the solution on to any suspect areas where spiders inhabit. While vinegar is perfectly safe for humans, it proves absolutely fatal when it comes to spiders. And what’s more, it’s completely organic, causing no harm to you like those toxic chemicals.

Here’s a fun one. Want to get rid of cockroaches from your living room? Place saucers of beer at potential entry points for roaches. It will instantly repel them. If you have an ant infestation, ground up some coffee seeds and spread them across entry points.


In order for your home to be hygienic, you’ll need to ensure that there aren’t any still or dirty water pools in and around your home. Stagnant water is breeding grounds for all sorts of pests. This is even more dangerous when you have clogged drains and plumbing. Toxic waste held in the pipes of your home will spread out harmful and disease-inducing pathogens to you and your family.

In order to curb this, always check that your plumbing system is working,  If you have a guest bedroom you rarely use, make sure the faucets, flush and plumbing are working properly. It will ensure that there’s continuous circulation of water.

Now on to your basements and attic. These two parts of your home are hotspots for mainly two pests. Rodents and Termites. Curbing a rodent infestation in your attic or basement is fairly easy to do. You can use the traditional route of using mousetraps and placing rat poison cakes with high effectivity.

Termites, on the other hand, are a very tricky pest to eradicate. It all depends on how observant and cautious you’ve been when taking care of your home. You can tell the extent of the damage caused by termites by checking the wooden structures in your basement and attic.

If the wood in your home is soft and mushy, it might be late as the termites have already done extensive damage. You would probably have to spend money on repairs lest you’d prefer to have your home collapse due to weak wood.

Now, what are the preventive measures that you could do to repel termites? First and foremost would be to use some store bought termiticide. Just apply it in all the crevices and closed spaces and the infected wood to kill all the termites immediately. Other natural repellents for termites is sunlight. So just open windows and let some sun in. You’ll have those termites scurrying away in no time.

Now all these preventive measures sound like a lot of work doesn’t it? With such busy lives, it may seem difficult to control pests all on your own. For that, you could use the go-to method to solve most of your pest problems and hire an exterminator from a pest control agency. But which is the best pest control agency for you though? Are you worried that you might overpay and the service would underdeliver? Fret not because you can always head on to to find out who’s giving you the best services and the best deals in your area. calculates and gauges user reviews and ranks the best performing and value for money pest control agencies in the United States. This ensures that when you select a pest control agency from the site, you’re given legitimate estimates and information about the agency. Why don’t you browse through them now and see what all benefits you could avail from a pest free home?.


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