10 Ways to Get Rid of Silverfish

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Silverfish could be considered among one of the oldest insects in the world. Several feel that they were around much before dinosaurs. This means that these insects have survived for over 400 million years.

These insects have a shiny gray or silver color and are usually one-half inch to one inch long. Silverfish shed their skin through their adult lives, unlike most insects.

Over millions of years, these silverfish have crept around the planet and have evolved to have wings. They are most active during the night and this is the reason why you might find them crawling around when you’re about to sleep or in your bathroom or when you reach for a book.

But, are these silverfish harmful to humans?

Based on their appearance, most people feel that these silverfish are harmful. But there’s good news as there is no concrete evidence that they are poisonous or bite. They do not carry any pathogens which cause disease.

However, they are known to trigger allergic reasons in certain people. The process of shedding their skin or molting happens throughout their adulthood. Also, some people are allergic to the dust created by their scales.

Methods to Fight Silverfish at Home

These Silverfish thrive in the dark and in damp conditions and are attracted to paper-like materials. You should also use these 10 remedies to get rid of fish moths:

1. Sprinkle Diatomaceous Earth in Dark Areas

One of the most effective remedies to kill Silverfish is by using food-grade diatomaceous earth. This can be done by sprinkling a layer of this natural powder on high-traffic pest zones. Areas, where these pests thrive, include cupboard, cabinets, and bookshelves. These silverfish or fish moths love to roam and hide in dark places.

2. Throw Away Paper Materials

Throw Away Paper Materials

Paper is not the only thing that silverfish feed on. You should still get rid of huge piles of old mail, magazines, and newspapers that are kept all over your home.

3. Use a Dehumidifier

Use a Dehumidifier

These silverfish bugs are found in areas with a high level of humidity to survive. This means that you should use a dehumidifier to get rid of these damp, humid locations which can be identified at home.

4. Level Crevices with Caulk

In order to block crevices and cracks in the wall, you should use caulk all along the wall. By blocking these tiny cracks, it will help prevent silverfish from entering your home.

5. Wet Newspaper Trick

Wet Newspaper Trick

All you have to do is roll up a soaked newspaper with a dry newspaper. This trap should be left in places where you have spotted silverfish earlier. This should be left overnight and discarded in the morning. In time, these bugs would have crawled in due to damp conditions.

So how’s it done?

Try newspaper traps by rolling up newspaper, close out the ends with elastic bands and moisten them. You should set these out wherever you have seen silverfish leavings and just before you go to bed.

By the next morning, you should be able to see that the silverfish have eaten their way into the newspaper which provides them with both food and a cozy environment. The damp portion keeps them stuck to the newspaper. Simply discard this contraption and the silverfish within it. You should repeat this every night until you do not see any more signs of silverfish.

6. Create a Boric Acid Paste

Another natural way to fight these pests is by making a paste using flour, water, and boric acid. All you have to do is stick paste on areas where you have spotted Silverfish bugs. But it’s important that you do not let this paste be accessible to pets and young children.

7. Trap Silverfish

You need to determine where these pests are roaming about. The worst part is that Silverfish are nocturnal, which means that you may never see them during the day. The only annoying thing is that you would probably be aware of the presence of what they leave behind.

This means that you need to check damp and dark regions which have small portions of excrement. They also leave holes and yellowish stains on clothing, cereal boxes and wallpaper as well as cardboard and fabrics. Silverfish can shed their skin and look around for tiny skin casts in your bathroom, basement and other regions.

Use homemade glass silverfish traps to fight them. All you have to do is take a quart-sized mason jar or another glass container. Then you need to wrap the outside of the container with a piece of masking tape. Once done, you should place a piece of bread at the bottom of the glass.

Also, set the glass in an area that you feel contains silverfish. All you have to do is wrap tape all the way to the top. The silverfish usually climb into the glass and eat the bread, they are unable to get back out since the glass is way too slivery.

8. Use Chemical Sprays

Chemicals that contain liquid pyrethrin using kill silverfish. You can spray it along baseboards and cracks as well as other places where silverfish lurk. But you should be cautious and not apply this to kitchen cabins or at food sources. Also, you should not apply it near children and pets or places where they venture to as it is toxic.

9. Scatter Cedar Shavings
Scatter Cedar Shavings

You must know that silverfish hate the smell of cedar and so you should sprinkle it all around the house. These cedar shavings could make a mess but you can use them also in outdoor areas and basements and places where you don’t mind wood shavings scattered. After about a week, you can vacuum them and replace them every week.

10. Use a Citrus or Lavender Spray

Lavender Spray

Citrus and lavender scents have an effective in repelling silverfish. These are non-toxic to humans. To get the desired effect, you purchase a lemon or lavender essential oils from a food store.

Simply dilute this with water and shake up the solution and keep it in a spray bottle. Now you should spray it in all areas that do not want silverfish. However, these fish can be used in drawers, closets and other furniture in the bedroom.

Steps to Prevent Silverfish

Steps to Prevent Silverfish

Silverfish are quite common in every home. But it can be hard to get rid of them. Since they are quick and small they are great at hiding and keeping out of sight. Silverfish are nocturnal and this makes it even harder to spot them. These are sure short ways to prevent silverfish at home:

  • Reduce the food sources by keeping dry food in airtight containers
  • Vacuum floors, upholstery and carpets regularly to ensure there are no remains of food crumbs
  • Remove moisture with dehumidifiers in damp areas
  • Ensure that dirt floors and unfinished basements are lined with plastic sheets to control moisture
  • Use ridge vents to install roofs to ensure humidity escapes
  • Clean gutters and ensure water drains are away from your home
  • Keep the outside of your house caulked and well painted
  • Seal all open areas like seams between walls, cracks and ceilings and places under or behind windows and baseboards.

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