Handling Yellowjacket Infestations

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Wasps are quite a bane. They do not contribute to the process of pollination and are very hostile and territorial. So what can you do when there is an infestation forming up near or in your house?


First things first, you need to recognise how a yellow jacket wasp appears. Yellowjacket wasps are about ½ inch in length with bright yellow and black markings. Yellowjackets can easily be verified thanks to their very small waists. In comparison to normal honey bees, Yellowjacket wasps have little to no hair. Their wings fold lengthwise, similar to paper wasps and hornets. Their nests too are easily identifiable as they usually make enclosed paper nests which are usually located underground.

Occasionally, you might find yellowjacket wasps in between walls and other protected areas. Unlike hornets or regular wasps, the nest of a yellowjacket is never symmetrical.


Every species of wasps are territorial and will defend their nests. Yellowjackets and hornets are the most aggressive in nature. If you happen to disrupt a colony, yellowjackets can get extremely aggresive and sting. Before mowing your lawn, it is advised you inspect it for yellowjacket nests. While a yellowjacket sting is temporary, it can be quite painful. But keep in mind, when it comes to individuals allergic to the stings, it may become a fatal situation.

Yellowjackets are mostly scavengers or are predators to other insects. Certain species of yellowjackets scavenge for protein rich or sweet foods in your garbage and picnic areas. Yellowjacket nests and infestations mostly die out in the winter shortly after the first frost. However, Queen yellowjackets tend to survive the cold weather by sheltering themselves in buildings or outdoors like bark, stones, loose leaves, etc

How to Prevent Getting Stung by a Yellowjacket

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  • Keep all sweet dishes and snacks covered or enclosed in the refrigerator.
  • Bees and wasps just like children are attracted to sweets. This includes expired and old sweets that have been disposed into recycle bins and garbage cans. Garbage Cans containing soda cans and fruit scraps as well. Changing bin and can liners often and cleaning them with soap and water regularly will help prevention of wasps and hornets.
  • It is paramount that all outside garbage cans and recycle bins should be fitted with a self-closing lid.
  • Never walk with bare feet on the playground or in the yard.
  • Do no try to harass or shoo away the wasps by swatting at them or going near their nests.
  • When a yellowjacket nest is spotted, it is best to keep your  distance away from it and have a professional come in and remove it during night.

Prevention is better than cure:

In order to keep from yellowjackets from multiplying, you will need to prevent them access to food, water and shelter. As mentioned before, yellowjackets are scavengers and become an issue only when it comes to food and waste handling.

You can prevent the entry of yellowjackets by placing screens on windows and exterior doors and by tight fitting trash cans and recycling bins.

You can reduce nesting sites by capping open fence pipe ends and sealing gaps holes and other openings in walls, doorways and roofs etc.

You can use various traps to capture yellowjackets and get rid of them. Yellowjackets can be typically baited via liquid or dry attractants that allow wasps to enter but not escape. These traps are typical helpful in monitoring and gauging the number of wasps present and their proximity to your home.

First things first, you can use your vacuum cleaner or flyswatter to kill off individual yellowjackets.

You must then eliminate all possible harborage areas by sealing openings on exteriors surfaces like walls, masonry steps, fences, bleachers and playground equipment etc.

Another vital step would be clean up any spilt food or drink immediately. This would ensure yellowjackets won’t get attracted by the smell. Any consumable food item that is to be consumed outdoors should be stored in sealed air tight containers.

Another handy tip would be to empty your trash cans regularly in order to prevent overflow. The ideal time to do so would be during the early afternoons and dusk. Opt to have spring loaded doors for your waste containers and always keep your dumpster lids closed. It would be smart to keep all your garbage containers away from the entrance areas of your home/building.

This next suggestion might affect the aesthetical plans of your home but will ensure no wasps or pests invade your home. Do not plant any flowering trees, shrubs or flower plants adjacent to the entrance of your home, walkways and the backyard/playground area.

Another important tip would be to fix up all your plumbing leaks, gutters that hold stagnant water. Doing so will eliminate the wasps via dehydration as there is no water source.

When it comes to getting rid of the nests, it is preferable to do it in the night. The most common solution would be to fill in ground nests with fine dry sand. Keep in mind, this task is best left to the professionals.

Calling in the professionals

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Dealing with dangerous pests like hornets or yellowjacket wasps is something you should not attempt on your own. Trying to get rid of them could lead them to becoming hostile. You and your family would be subject to being stung constantly by wasps, which is a very unpleasant scenario.

So what you should instead do is call in a pest control agency to safely and professionally handle your yellowjacket situation. Now how can you tell good from bad pest control agencies? How effect is the pest control? How pocket friendly is it? Do they handle a particular pest?  

You must have realised by now, that finding a good pest control requires a lot of research. Combing through site after site to see which suits your needs will be tiresome and time consuming. So in order to narrow down your search how about a one stop place that lists all the top pest control agencies in America? That’s what you get at PestControlRoom.com.

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