How to Deal with Fruit Flies in Your House?

How to Deal with Fruit Flies in Your House

Fruit Flies are small flies or Gnats usually found in your kitchen. Fruit Flies can be a problem all year round but are common during late summer and fall.

Fruits like tomatoes, melons, squash, and grapes usually cause a fruit fly infestation indoors. Rotting bananas, potatoes, onions, and produce left outdoors can lead to a fruit fly infestation.

Leaving overripe fruits and vegetables on the kitchen counter is a breeding ground for these flies. Anything moist that has fermenting material present on it such as drains, garbage disposals, garbage cans also attract these flies.

These flies feed and multiply on decaying soft fruit and vegetables. Sometimes, you may see these flies flying around your fruit bowl once the fruits start to ripen.

What Does a Fruit Fly Look Like?

Fruit Flies are small oval looking flies with adult flies growing one-eight of an inch in length. The flies thorax is red in color and the abdomen is black with a grey underbelly.

Usually, the flies have a tanned appearance and red eyes. However, some flies can have darker colored eyes.

How Do Fruit Flies Enter Your House?

Since these flies breed in the summer and fall season, they can get into your house in several ways which are as follows:

  • A window which is left open, or an ajar door
  • Small cracks in the walls of your homes
  • Overripe fruits are a natural breeding ground for the flies

How to Deal With Fruit Flies?

Let’s take a look at how to deal with fruit flies in your house:

1. Use Vinegar to Trap Fruit Flies

Vinegar is an ingredient that can be found in any household. Add some vinegar and a few drops of dish soap to a small cup or bowl. Cover the top with a plastic wrap and punch holes into the plastic wrap.

The scent of the vinegar will definitely attract the flies into the cup or bowl. As soon as the flies come into contact with the vinegar solution, they will get trapped and won’t be able to escape. Use the trap wherever you see pests in your house and release the pests when you leave the house.

2. Wash Your Dishes

Flies love to lay their eggs in unwashed kitchen dishes. Always make sure that you wash your dishes as unwashed dishes can be a breeding ground for the flies. Leaving unwashed dishes attract the flies and becomes a natural breeding ground for them. Make sure not to leave any cups of water lying around you as fruit flies like to breed in cups of water.

3. Wash Your Vegetables

Vegetables can sometimes get covered in a sticky substance if left outside your fridge. This, in turn, attracts fruit flies. Always wash your fruits and vegetables before laying them in the kitchen. If you want to take an extra step you could put a bucket outside your house to wash vegetables. This will why prevention is better than cure. Storing your vegetables in the fridge will automatically eliminate any sort of pests entering your house.

4. The Candle Trap

Place a candle in a dark area of your house or just switch off the lights and make sure all the curtains are closed. Make sure the only light source in the particular dark area is the candle. Any flies that get close to the candle will get their wings burnt automatically and die. Some of the flies may get confused with the reflection of the wax inside the candle and make it impossible for the flies to escape.

5. Clear Your Kitchen Drain

Flies like to breed in specific areas that have rotting fruit and vegetables. Washing your sink is very important as bits and pieces of food can slip into your drain and attract more flies. After washing your dishes, wipe the sink with a clean cloth and make sure no bits and pieces fall into the drain of your kitchen sink.

6. Create a Trap Using Old Wine

If you have any old wine left over, use it to get rid of the flies. Pour some wine into a jug and place the jug near the affected area. The old wine’s scent will attract flies. Once the flies are attracted to the scent they will fly near the container and immediately drown as soon as they touch the liquid surface. If you don’t have wine at home, you can use stale beer.

7. Use Sticky Traps

Sticky traps can be extremely effective to rid your home of fruit flies. Place these traps in all the infected areas of your house. There is no way the flies can escape once they touch these sticky surfaces. The sticky surface of the trap is infused with a scent that attracts the fruit fly. Fruit fly traps are a quick and easy way to trap the flies with minimal effort.

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