How to Get Rid of Ants from Your Bed

How to Get Rid of Ants from Your Bed

Finding an army of ants crawling on your bed could be one of the most frustrating experiences to deal with. While the sink in the kitchen or the food in the refrigerator could be prone to ant infestation, they may also find your bed to be a comfortable resting place.

Causes for Ants Crawling on Your Bed

There are several reasons why your bed could be infested with ants. Here’s why you should investigate the causes behind the infestation:

Firstly, poor hygiene could be an invitation to these ants to wander into your bedroom. Things, like spilling food on the mattress or not washing the bed sheet, are some indicators of dipping hygiene levels. Food spills on the bed and not cleaning it up in time would make your bed an ideal source of food for the ants. Maintaining poor hygiene in and around your sleeping area could be an open invitation for the ants to build nests in the mattress.

Another important reason causing the infestation is the poor quality of the wood of your bed. Fungi infection or accumulation moisture content in the wood could lead to the deterioration of the wood’s quality, making it a hospitable location for ants such as carpenter ants and fire ants to nest and thrive.  

If you maintain your bed well, and if you still face the ant intrusion on your bed, it could possibly be happening because of the presence of an ant-nest in the close vicinity. These critters could be crawling into your bedroom and onto your mattress through a crevice or a crack in the wall.

Methods to Curb Ant Intrusion

In the event, if the infestation is in its starting stage, here are some of the methods you could adopt to try and curb the intrusion of ants on to your bed:  

Clean Your Bed and Look for the Ant Nests

In case your bed is infested by ants, the first and foremost thing to do would be to pull out the bed sheets from the bed and wash them thoroughly. Also, do not forget to clean your bed thoroughly and look for any food residues in and around the bed. In order to clean any food residues, vacuuming could prove to be a useful measure. Additionally, try to look for the ant nests in your room or try to locate the crevice through which these inspects are sneaking into your bed. Locating the ant nest in very important to stop the infestation, or else the onslaught of the invasion will keep persisting.

Natural Ant Repellent Sprays and How To Prepare Them

Since the infected area is your bed, it is important to use harmless methods to repel the ants. Using strong chemicals on your bed could lead to severe health issues, hence it is recommended to use natural methods, or leave it to the experts to use the right type and dose of these chemicals. Here are some DIY options that you can opt for:

DIY Vinegar Spray for Ants

The vinegar spray is one of the most effective natural methods used to get rid of ant infestation. The spray could be prepared at home at ease, by following the procedure mentioned below:

Things required for preparation

Vinegar – One portion

Water – One portion


  • Mix one portion of vinegar to an equal proportion of water
  • Pour it into a spray bottle and use it to spray directly on the insects, under your mattress, the windows near your bed, and all the places conceivable from where these critters could crawl in

The vinegar acts as an ant repellent and controls the invasion of the ants for the time being. Make sure to spray the vinegar on the ant trails and clean it thoroughly to stop the other ants from following the ones that are already present in the scene.

DIY Lemon Juice Spray

If you cannot tolerate the strong smell of vinegar in your bedroom, you could also use the lemon juice spray to get rid of ants. The procedure to prepare the lemon juice spray is very simple and can be done by yourself at home.

Things Required for Preparation

Lemon Juice – Three portions

Water – One portion


  • The spray can be made by mixing one portion of lemon juice with three portions of water.
  • Pour it into a spray bottle and use it to spray directly on the insects, under your mattress, the windows near your bed, and all the places conceivable from where these critters could crawl in

The citric acid in the lemons are hostile to ants, and as a result, this could help to reduce the ant-infestation. Unlike the vinegar spray, the lemon juice spray does not leave a pungent smell in your room but is as effective as the vinegar spray in getting rid of the ants.  

Boric Acid or Borax

Using ant baits could be another effective method to get rid of these insects. A natural bait which you can create at home is a mixture of boric acid or Borax with frozen sugar candy, fruit jam or honey. The sweet material will draw the ants towards it, and boric acid is a natural pesticide, that acts slowly but effectively. Borax and Boric acid are two very similar kind of products, which consists the main ingredient called boron. The difference is that borax is said to be safer to use if you have babies or pets at home.

The slow nature of boric acid lets the ants carry back the food to its colony, which could kill the whole colony. You must make sure that the bait is not laid out on the sleeping area of your mattress, as boric acid could be mildly toxic for humans as well. Be sure to place the bait under your bed, in any corner of the room or near your room’s door or window.

Challenges with Home-Made Ant Repellents

To have good results from any of the methods above, you much know all the challenges each of these methods poses and be prepared for it. For instance, the vinegar spray and the lemon juice spray are only effective for a period of time and is not a permanent solution. Ants have a notorious reputation for being adamant against most repellent techniques. Since the ants function as a colony, it is very difficult to get rid of them entirely due to the sheer number of ants in a colony. Once these ants nest in a place, it becomes a major challenge to get rid of them, as the ants are irritatingly persistent as they keep resurfacing after each attempt you make to rid of them. Also, with respect to creating baits, if boric acid is not handled properly, it could be dangerous for infants and pets.

Leave It To The Professionals

Looking to tackle the ant situation in your bedroom? How about some professional help? Unlike an outdoor situation, where you liberally use chemicals to get rid of the pests, handling infestation on your bed is a different ball-game. Finding the right professional help will fight pests effectively without jeopardizing the health of you or your loved ones.

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