Pests That Can Damage Your Home

PCR Pests damage homes

While pests and their infestations are most commonly known for destroying plants in your garden or irritating your family members and you. But you as a homeowner need to remember that pests can cause considerable damage to your home as well. There are many pests who take refuge in your home by eating away it’s structure in order to create a nest. Some pests gain nutrition by eating the wood and organic parts of your home. Either way, these pests invading your home will result in the damage of it’s integral structure, not to mention a deteriorated visual appeal.

Here are some of those pests that can damage your home if left unattended:


Termites are the pests that are most commonly known for damaging homes, especially wood. Termites are the main reason for over 5 billion dollars of property damage in the U.S every year, according to the National Pest Management Association. Termite control is not for those who aren’t experienced in pest control. A professional pest control agent can help you identify which species of termite has invaded your home. It is a good thing that termite control has vastly improved over the years and also become a much more safer procedure. With that being said, you should have no hesitation in terms of calling in a termite expert.

Powderpost Beetles

PCR Pests Powderpost

These pests are a major headache, especially for new homeowners in Texas and further down south. The Lyctid Beetles or more colloquially known Powderpost beetles attack hardwood and can infest molding, flooring, cabinets, doors and other hardwood structures within your home. In order to spot  a Powderpost Beetle infestation look for small (1/32 to 1/16 inch diameter) round holes in your hardwood sections. You can tell when there is presence of fine sawdust near the holes that you have an active Powderpost infestation. You might not think of these beetles as much of a threat now, but they severely affect the sale-ability and price of your home. The price of your home and is also report able on state wood destroying insect reports that are required for home loans in most states in the US. Most Powderpost beetle infestations occur in relatively newer homes  (1-5 years old) that have been built on already infested wood. The best solution to eradicate this pest would be to replace the infested wood if you can.

Carpenter Ants

In some parts of the United States, Carpenter Ants are a huge nuisance and major structural pests in the Pacific Northwest region. While these pests do not consume and eat wood, their muscled jaws are used to dig and hollow out solid pine or fir lumber to make their nest galleries. But the species vary from region to region. Take for example the carpenter ants that dwell in Texas are too lazy to dig through wood and are content with taking refuge in void areas inside hollow doors and wood. They also like to create their nests behind insulation and softer Styrofoam insulation panels located in your home. Regardless of this, carpenter ants are regarded as major wood destroyers and that’s why you should be worried. They are considered wood destroyers and are reportable on real estate transactions. Even the milder family of carpenter ants are quite a nuisance as they will eat wood when they forage for water and sweets indoors.

Rats and Mice

PCR Pests rats and mice

Now you must be thinking, why are rats and mice on this list? You must assume that the rats and mice hold a threat to your family members and you by spreading dangerous pathogens and disease and nothing else. Au Contraire, because the diabolical rat menace can make your home filthy and their excrement can cause decay and attract maggots. Rats and mice are mostly notorious for running and eating through structures behind your walls. The most frustrating scenarios occur when rats eat through internal wiring in your home, forcing you to rip apart sections of your home to fix them. Rats are silly creatures and they tend to electrocute themselves or die of suffocation. While you think that’s an end to the problem, their corpses will remain in the insides of your home attracting insects, maggots and other pests, not to mention an unbearable and dangerous stench.

You might have seen mice running into nicely crafted holes in cartoons on the telly, but none of that exists in real life. Rats will chew holes in sidings and soffits of your home and also chew through insulated. It is to be believed that 25% of mystery fires at homes are caused by rodents. Rodents in your home are quite dangerous and an infestation can cause you and your family members many health hazards. Now if you hear tiny footsteps during the daytime, you might have a squirrel infestation. An effective method to dealing with squirrels is to make one way doors in your home via professionals.

Honey Bees

PCR Pests Bees

Most Honey bees can be found in the great outdoors, in hives or managed by a beekeeper. However, if let inside your home, they can become one of the most expensive house wreckers. If let inside your home, bees can build a colony of 30,000 in heavy hives in a matter of days. As hives grow, they become a significant mass of honey, wax and propolis. If you use insecticides to kill the bees, the dead hives will leak wax and fermented honey into your home. While the thought of free honey might be enticing, honey and the bee corpses will attract thousands other pests and rodents into your home. These pests are scavengers and will invade your home to get to the honey and dead bees and can cause you further burden.

You could opt to call in a beekeeper, if you don’t want to harm the bees. Calling a beekeeper is expensive as it is a tedious task to extract the hive without disturbing it. Then again, bees are not a species that are endangered. So, you can go right ahead and call in an exterminator to get rid off your bee hive issues. You also need to keep in mind that the most significant part of bee extermination is getting rid of the nest, so call in a pest control who know their stuff and are experienced in such errands.


PCR Pests Ants

Ants inside your home may not be a physical threat to your home, but they certainly affect the joy in living in your home. Figuring out which variant of ant infestation you have is an important step in controlling them. There are ants that prefer to live outside, there are some that don’t fall for the regular bait. So before you call the pest control you need to call someone who can identify what kind of ants you’re dealing with.

It is important that you know to not apply sprays on ants. They are quite ineffective. A better solution to your ant problems would be to use liquid baits. You can make your own DIY ant bait solutions to attract and eradicate your ant problem. You shouldn’t spray anything around the bait because sprays are usually repellants. You want the ants to get to the bait. Remember to keep baits away from children as they are quite poisonous. Also, you need to allow ants to take the bait back to their lair so as to kill or drive out the ant inhabitants away from your home.

A major pest in the southern parts of the United States is the Fire ant. These pests are responsible for reducing the aesthetic and recreational value of homes all over the country. They damage transformer boxes, air conditioners and mess up electrical delay switches, which can cause a power outage. Well you shouldn’t completely worry, because fire ants aren’t that difficult to control. You can use the Texas Two Step method outside your home to prevent fire ant colonies from your home.  


German cockroaches are the most disgusting and most common variant of cockroaches found in households. Research papers have shown that children and infants growing up in households with a German cockroach infestation have more chances of suffering respiratory diseases like asthma or allergies. German cockroaches have skin and spread feces which are allergenic and carry dangerous pathogens. Unlike other pests, cockroaches require a lot of effort to eradicate. You also need to be careful with the baits you use, as cockroaches adapt very quickly. In most cases, it is best you call in a pest control agency.

How do you terminate these pests and protect your home?

Why the most obvious answer to this is to call in a pest control agency! But how do you know which is a worthy pest control agency? Are you getting the best bang for your buck in terms of pest control? What if the pest control agency does not do a complete job? What then?

Fear not, because you can research the best pest control agencies in the United States all at one hub Pestcontrolroom has a database of the top pest control agencies in America. This database consists of user ratings and reviews and all the information you need to make your decision in pest control. Once you feel a pest control agency is best suited for the pest issues that you have, you can easily enough ask for a quotation and begin negotiations with them. So why not head down to and live that pest free life that you deserve!

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