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It’s the duty of a homeowner to protect his loved ones and members of the family from all harm. This harm can be intended to your furry felines, dogs and other pets in your home. Just like humans, pets too are susceptible to unique illnesses that can only affect them. There are various pests too that concentrate their feeding on your pets and not humans. Below are some of the usual suspects that can cause various illnesses to your pets.

There are various pests in varying shapes and sizes that affect your pets. Some pests are your insects that bite and dwell in the fur of your pet. The other kind of pest is microscopic and can harm your pet internally. Below are some of the more dangerous pests you need to be wary about:


PCR Fleas Pets

While fleas are the most common irritants for your cat or dog, fleas find cats and dogs are the perfect housing unit. The warmth of the host and the shelter provided by the fur ensures them a blood meal as well as perfect conditions for mating and incubation.

Fleas will latch onto the bodies of your pet and then begin to mate. After which the female flea will rest for a short period on the host. The female will then lay thousands of eggs on to the skin of the host, who will only detect them once the eggs hatch. If you see patches of reddish skin and your dog/cat continuously scratching, it might be because of fleas. The infection that is caused due to flea inhabitation is called Flea Allergy Dermatitis. It occurs because of allergic reaction Flea saliva on your pet’s skin.

Fleas usually attack the back, inner thighs, and lower abdomen. These are hard to reach locations for your pet and hence you see them scratch and gnaw at those areas. If you detect your pets with any of the above symptoms they might as well be suffering from more hidden illnesses like anemia, plague, and tapeworms.


PCR Ticks Pets

If you think fleas are a problem, imagine you’re enjoying a beautiful day in the woods! Well, ticks would be enjoying too as they now have you and your pet as a host.  Ticks can be found mostly in the wilderness. Ticks can be the more dangerous arachnid compared to fleas. This is because they can transmit more fatal pet diseases like Lyme Disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, Ehrlichiosis, and Babesiosis. Every time your pet has been on the outside, make sure that

To wash them down with tick removal shampoo which you can find in a pet supplements store.


PCR Mosquitoes Pets

Mosquitoes are a nuisance to almost all middle to large animals. Quick to breed and always looking for a blood meal, mosquitoes are carriers of many dangerous illnesses as well. While diseases like malaria can affect us, humans, your cats, and dogs are at risk to more fatal diseases. Mosquitos are also known to carry worm diseases. Mosquitoes are carriers of heartworm, a type of roundworm that can be a silent killer to your pets if not detected and treated on time. Other fatal illnesses that can be transmitted via mosquitoes are the West Nile Virus and the Saint Louis Encephalitis, a disease that attacks the brain and nervous systems of your pets.

The most basic precautionary measures you can take is the same as preventing mosquitoes in your home for humans. Installing mosquito nets, getting rid of stagnant water, using repellants etc. Try not to leave your pets outside for too long and do not leave them out in the evenings and night ( The time where mosquitoes prefer to feed).


Botflies and bottle flies may be notorious for contaminating your food and scurrying about your home. However, they are quite dangerous to your furry and feline friends. These flies latch on to any warm-blooded animal they come across. These botflies then lay their eggs on to the skin of the animal. These eggs hatch into larvae and begin to course through the body of the host animal. The symptoms that indicate a botfly infection are blindness, aggression, and seizures to your pets. A scary physical indicator of a botfly infestation is warbles. Warbles are basically lumping on the skin, indicating where the botfly larvae have taken up residence. Warbles are unsightly to look at and cause tremendous pain to animals. Botfly larvae are known to even travel all the way up to the brain of cats, so it is paramount you get it removed immediately.

The preventive measure for botflies is more or less similar to mosquitoes. Get rid of stagnant water and stale food, invest in mosquito and fly nets. You need to also store all your fresh foods, meat, and poultry in the refrigerator. Leaving them out in the open will cause botflies to feed and lay their eggs in the meat.

Sarcoptes Scabies Mite

PCR Mites Pets

The Sarcoptes Scabies Mite is known mostly for attacking your pets in the summer. The result of attacks from this mite is called Scabies or Mange and is more of a nuisance than fatal. However, any scenario where your pet has open wounds can become dangerous because of bacterial infections. The usual risk of exposure to bacteria and these mites is through contact with other animals.

Not to worry though, mites can be eradicated via the shampoos and soaps prescribed by your local veterinarian. Getting your pet regularly checked up is the key to make sure they stay healthy and to detect any underlying illnesses.

However, the treatment for mites and scabies leaves your pets aggressive and will require them to be put under quarantine in order to prevent the mites from spreading to other animals and parts of your home.

Handling Pests in Your Home

Pests of all shapes and sizes can haunt your home. Some of these pests may seem like a nuisance to you but can be quite dangerous to your pets. It’s for this reason, you as a home and pet owner needs to take the most effective step to protect your home and pets. That step would be to call in a pest control agency. A pest control agency would get rid off all the pests in your home, allowing your pets to rest without any itching or scratching from fleas, ticks, and botflies!

Keep in mind though, before you begin pest treatment in your home, secure your pets away from the targeted areas. This is because the pesticides could have adverse effects on your pets as well.

Now, how do you pick a pest control agency? Do you comb through all the companies with vague or generic promises? Or find a source with legit information on the top pest control agencies in the United States? If you chose the latter, you need not to look further than! It’s the one database of the top pest control agencies all ranked and reviewed by actual consumers!

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