Pests that invade your home during a flood

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With the growing concern of Hurricane Florence flooding the United States, you should  prepare your home with the necessary precautions and resources. But, you need to keep in mind, just like you, pests and rodents will try to seek refuge in your home. Here are some of the most common pests that invade homes during or after a flood period:

Fire Ants

PCR Flood Fire Ants Pests

When floods occur, streets and sewage lines are the most affected. But in terms of natural ecosystems, rodent burrows, ant and insect holes are flooded and majorly affected. This forces displacement and they seek refuge. When fire ant holes and dunes get submerged, the fire ants grip and hold on to each other to float above the water and stay alive. Once they reach a solid surface, they invade and begin foraging for food and shelter. Most often than not, the dry land that fire ants come across would be homes stuck in the middle of the flood.

If you encounter a fire ant colony, please avoid meddling with them as their bites are very painful. If by chance you are allergic to the venom of a fire ant it could cause respiratory issues and this can be quite fatal. Here are a few pointers to help you identify if you have a case of a fire ant infestation:

  • Insects all over
    If you’re experiencing and seeing a large number of insects in your home after the flood. If you spot them in your kitchen or in areas where food is prepared, you need to take immediate action before all your food is ruined.
  • Ant trails
    If you see long ant lines in and around your home, its a sign that ants have figured out your food sources. Ants signal locations of food to others by laying down pheromones. Pheromones are chemicals that attract other ants to the location of the food.
  • Ant Nest
    Ant nests either look like small piles of soil or dirt. There are some species of ants that prefer to make their homes within walls, or in quiet dark places which are usually difficult to find.

Sewer Rats

In the case of a flood, quite a few things can happen. Sewage lines will overflow, this could also lead to a lot of water pipelines breaking. Due to rising water levels, sewer rats are forced to climb up and reach the surface, which mostly leads to them invading your home for food and refuge. Keep in mind that sewer rats are aggressive and rabid, and larger in size than your regular household rat. Also, they dwell in sewage and organic waste, leaving them filthy and full of harmful bacteria and viruses. Keep caution while trying to trap them. To know if you have a sewer rat infestation, you need to keep an eye out for the following warning signs:

  • Rat Excrement
    Rat droppings can be found concentrated in specific areas. Rats and rodents produce up to 40 droppings in a night. So it’s good that they don’t excrete all over. To identify the excrement of these pests, they are dark brown in a tapered spindle shape. They resemble a large grain of rice.
  • Scratchy Noise
    Rats are agile climbers, especially black rats who are infamously known as the roof rats. Rats can gain the access into loft spaces and upper floors of a building with ease. Scratching noises from the ceilings and walls in the nights are clear indicators of a rat infestation. Keep an eye out for chattering and grinding noises as brown rats aren’t adept at climbing. The chattering noise is made from their teeth and scurrying about your floorboards.
  • Footprints
    Rats leave foot and tail marks in dusty areas of your home. In the case of rats entering after a flood, you can spot an infestation of these pests by finding wet prints from their feet or tail. If your flooring is dry however, you can sprinkle some flour on your floor and wait for them to run across it. The next day if you see fresh tracks it means you are dealing with a rat infestation.
  • Rub Marks
    Sewer rats will be coated with you guessed it! Sewage and dirt. Because rats have very low visibility they run along boards and walls. A clear indicator of a sewer rat is lines of dirt and grime on walls or objects, left behind by these pests. These are a clear indicator of a sewer rat infestation.
  • Burrows
    While everybody imagines that rats have small tunnels at the bottom of walls like on Tom & Jerry, the truth is far from it. Rats are known for digging and excavation and create extensive burrow systems for the purpose of shelter, food storage and nesting. They tend to build their burrows in decking, garden sheds and garages. You can also find burrows in secluded well vegetated areas like your back garden and wastelands.

Filth Flies

PCR Filth Flies Pests

Alongside rats, you may notice a large number of filth flies swarming around your home. These filthy pests mostly breed and feed on organic waste and will sprout from the ground and overflowing sewage systems. The deposits of organic waste that flows up onto the surface work as perfect breeding grounds for filth flies out in the open. These flies carry out dangerous pathogens and diseases that could infect you and your family.


Wasps are territorial and aggressive pests. They differ from bees as they do not contribute to the process of pollination. Wasps can be a common occurrence after a flood. This is because of all the small critters that live beneath the surface, come up to escape the rising water levels. These critters become an easy source of food for wasps.

Taking Care of these Invading Pests

After a flood, all your energy will be focused on rebuilding and recuperating and these invading pests will just be detrimental to your progress. Trying to get rid of them one by one while the rest of your home is affected by the flood would be very difficult. That’s why your best bet to get rid of them is to call in a pest control agency.

Now in the case of a flood, you will intend to be very careful with your expenditure. That’s why you would prefer the most bang for buck and effective pest control agency. To help you hasten your decision you should head on to Here you can find reviews on the top pest control agencies in the united states. Every pest control company listed is rated from one to five by actual consumers, all their prices , features are displayed and you also have the option to compare companies. Once you’re convinced with your choice of pest control, you can easily enough ask for a quote and begin your journey to a pest free home.


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