Pests That Will Haunt Your Home This Halloween

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The month of Spooks is here, and that means kids and families alike dress up as their favorite ghouls and monsters. Homes will be decorated with carved up Jack-O-Lanterns and candles, all to celebrate the Halloween spirit and to invite trick or treaters. While there are many creepy crawlies associated with the event of Halloween, some of them pose a real invasive threat to your home if you aren’t careful.

One must keep in mind that the month of October marks the beginning of the Fall and Winter seasons. The coming days entail a drop in temperatures, which begins the hibernation cycle for most animals and insects. This implies that many pests and creepy crawlies will make themselves at home in order to seek warmth before the freezing temperatures set in.

Another thing to keep in mind is that many of the activities involved in the celebration of Halloween can also be an invitation for pests to invade your home. Here’s how pests can enter your home through your decorations.

How Can Pests Enter Your Home Through Halloween Decorations?

You won’t believe the number of pests that can invade your home during this time of the year and what their entry points can be.

Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs

If you have kids, you know that there would be a considerable amount of effort and time put in to make sure they have the best costume for trick or treating. While you could go for a DIY method, you mostly would go and purchase or rent a costume.

Buying or renting a costume can be the perfect source for bed bugs. Since costumes are recycled every year and they aren’t washed for a long time, these tiny vampires (get it?) cling on and lay their eggs and build a nest. They then invade your home via the trojan horse of a Halloween costume.

The occurrence of bed bug menace in your costumes usually pertains to renting a costume or buying from a place that also rents out costumes. You probably will not have this issue when buying brand new costumes from a legitimate source. The smartest decision would be to have your costumes washed at a laundromat before bringing them home and putting them on or dressing your kids in them!

Flies/ Stink Bugs

The most beloved yet common decoration that you would see outside a home during Halloween would be the Jack-O-Lantern. Made from candles and a carved out pumpkin, the Jack-O-Lantern is a mainstay of every Halloween event, and also the source for a lot of pests.

Pumpkins just like every other fruit/vegetable attract pests to come and feed on them if left out for a long time. The most common pest that you will find is the annoying fruit fly. They are annoying and hard to get rid of on normal occasions but are quite the nuisance in terms of the aftermath of Halloween. Fruit and stink flies will surround the pumpkins and invite themselves into your home if you’re not careful enough.



While Flies and Stink Bugs are attracted to the fruit that you have left outside on your lawn, you might even suffer a moth situation. This is because your Jack-O-Lanterns and decorative lights work as major attractors of moths. You will find moths entering your home looking for a light and a source of warmth in the cold weather. If you want to prevent this, try keeping your Jack-O-Lanterns a little farther away from your home and closer to your driveway/lawn. This should prevent moths from entering your home. Using lesser decorative lights will not only reduce the chances of a moth infestation but also save some money off your energy expenses.



Halloween is a day for candy and sweets as well as creepy ghoulies. While you might head on to the store to buy wrapped candy, you might also indulge in preparing Halloween-based sweets like candy apples, cotton candy etc. These dishes don’t just attract kids but also pests with a sweet tooth. The usual suspects who will invade your home for all the sweetness being prepared indoors are ants, cockroaches, and rodents.

Ants can crawl in through small cracks in your walls, crevices and even from your garden if you aren’t careful. They’ll usually crawl in a long line leading to the source, so you can easily fix the situation.

Cockroaches and rodents, however, are a much more difficult ordeal. If you suspect a cockroach or rodent infestation, it’s best you call in a pest control agency. Isolated cases can be easily cleared up using baits and traps. You can choose a pest control company after looking them up on our website.



Bats, which during Halloween are believed to be the alternate appearance of a vampire, are tricky pests to deal with. This is because Bats are protected by law in many states as they help a lot in maintaining the ecosystem’s balance. Bats feed on other pests and wasted food. They still are quite dangerous as they carry strains of rabies.

Bats coincidentally will be attracted to your home due to the presence of all the other pests that try to enter your home. In order to prevent a bat infestation, you should screen all your doors, windows and chimney if possible. When it comes to getting rid of a bat infestation, you will need to call in a licensed professional as bats are protected by law in most states.

Prevention of Halloween Pests

The National Pest Management Association (NPMA) recognizes that the Autumnal Season is where most pest infestations occur, with Halloween being a major contributor. It is for this purpose that they offer these tips to homeowners in the prevention of a pest infestation during the Halloween season:

  • Seal away all the cracks and holes in and around the home’s exterior to block possible entryways for pests.
  • Repairing/replacing broken or poorly fitted window screens and loose/missing shingles; ensure that areas, where pipes and wiring enter homes, are properly sealed.
  • Do not leave any unsealed food lying around, as they attract insects and rodents.
  • Store firewood at least 20 feet away from the house and five inches off the ground.
  • Check wood for insects – especially spiders – before bringing it indoors.

If you see signs of a pest infestation in your home, contact a licensed pest professional to inspect, identify and control the problem.

What Should You Do in the Case of an Infestation?

Infestations from all the Halloween pests mentioned above are very difficult to deal with individually. This is especially the case if you have multiple pests invading your home. While for every haunted house, there are Ghostbusters, in order to get rid of your pest haunting, call in a pest control expert.

But how can you tell a good one from the bad? Are they worth the money? Will the pests be gone for good?

To answer all the above questions, you can head to! Here you have a database of the top pest control agencies in the United States. With reviews and ratings from actual users, you get utmost clarity. This is coupled with the ability to compare pest control agencies over features, prices, etc.

Once you have set your mind onto a certain pest control agency listed, you can easily enough ask for a quotation and be one step closer to a pest and ghoul free home!

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