Wolf Spiders and how to get rid of them?

PCR Wolf Spiders

Spiders, in general, are a species of bugs that strikes fear in most people. They are unsightly to look at and many of them are venomous. While most garden and house spiders are mostly harmless, they can still scare you and your family members. The Wolf Spider is one of the larger arachnids that can invade your home. While they are mostly harmless and in some aspects even beneficial, their sheer size and rapid speed can startle you.

Appearance and Behavior

Wolf spiders appear robust with a brown shade of color spread across its body. Their body sizes usually range from 0.04 to 1.18 inches or 1 to 30 mm. These spiders are mostly hunters that dwell on the ground and tend to hide in dark corners and shadows. Wolf spiders have a painful bite but are non-lethal in nature. In comparison to other spiders, their bites are usually harmless.

PCR wolf spiders appearance

Most people are terrified of wolf spiders because they closely resemble tarantulas and brown recluse spiders, which are dangerous members of the arachnid family.

You also need to keep in mind that female wolf spiders do not lay and place their eggs on webs, they instead carry all their future offsprings on sacs on their bags. They carry about thousands of eggs on their backs.

Preventive actions

Wolf Spiders being harmless still does not nullify the fact that an infestation in your home is a problem. Being hunting spiders, seeing these arachnids scurry about in rapid pace in your home. This will certainly frighten you and your family members, especially if there is an infestation of wolf spiders. So in order to get rid and prevent wolf spiders, here’s what you need to do:

Lawn Maintenance

PCR Wolf Spiders Lawn

The first thing you need to do to get rid of your wolf spider infestation would be to remove your yard of clutter and debris. Ridding your yard of grass clipping piles, leaves, firewood, mulch, and compost will help eradicate shelters for wolf spiders. Wolf spiders are attracted to dark places to hide during the day. When you clear up the clutter and debris, you expose most of your yard to direct sunlight, which acts as a repellent to wolf spiders.
In order to completely eradicate all areas of refuge for wolf spiders, clear out even objects like empty planters, stones, and grills that provide hiding places for wolf spiders.

Clear out vegetation

Alongside removing debris and clutter from your yard, you will also have to move shrubbery and vegetation away from the main structure of your home. Low vegetation is the favorite hiding spot for wolf spiders.

If it is feasible, try to remove all heavy ground covering plants from your yards. If that isn’t possible, at least try to move the plants away from your house perimeter and to the outer perimeter of your yards. This can, in turn, drive the insects away from your home instead of towards it.

Seal up holes and cracks in walls

PCR Wolf Spiders Walls

If you have any cracks or holes that lead from the outer wall and into your home, it could be a perfect path for wolf spiders to enter and take refuge in your home. You need to make sure that all gaps and cracks are patched up. You could use caulk to fill in the gaps, cracks, and holes present on the side of the foundation or alongside your exterior wall.

Weather stripping can be used on doors and windows, which can minimize the risk of wolf spiders crawling in from beneath. Patching up any broken window screens or replacing them for that matter can help majorly in preventing wolf spiders from entering your home.

Install insect screens

As wolf spiders usually traverse through terrain instead of using webs to crawl up spaces, you could fix a tight fine mesh screen all over your vents leading to the outside. While wolf spiders can still crawl in through your chimneys and vents, they prefer to come through the ground and crawl spaces.

Change your outdoor lighting

Consider changing or removing your outdoor lights. Your outside lights can be an invitation for all sorts of flies, moths, pests in the night. These are the main diet of wolf spiders and can attract them in droves.

If you can’t replace or remove your outdoor lighting, try to use the lights during evenings and nights as sparingly as you can. Similarly, you can drown out the light from the indoors by using blinds and shades. In terms of preventing bugs from entering, opt to switch to sodium vapor lights. These lights are much softer in hue in comparison to regular lights which attracts the lesser amount of bugs in your home. These lights are quite effective against wolf spiders. As wolf spiders hunt at night, they will find it difficult in finding prey, and will not stay in the area for long.

Using Glue boards and glue traps

PCR Wolf Spiders Glue Boards

When you see a wolf spider crawling about your home, you may be tempted to squish it. You should think before you do that, however. This is because the wolf spider you might kill could be a female. As mentioned above female wolf spiders keep their eggs and offsprings on their back. This is until the offspring are ready to hunt and live on their own. So when you squish a female wolf spider, the offspring will scatter to different ends of your home. There would be thousands of them mind you, which could lead to an infestation.

So instead, the smarter thing to do would be to place glue boards around your home to trap wolf spiders. Glue boards are readily available at your local farm supply store. Alternatively, if you don’t want to squish the spiders or spend money on traps, you can use a paper or glass to trap the spider and release it outside your home.

One swift blow to get rid of them all

If you find it difficult or unnerving to deal with your wolf spider menace, you can always call in the professionals to get rid of them once and for all. But now how do you know which pest control agency to choose? Do they cater to the pest infestation you have? Are they a bang for your buck?

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