What to Expect From Pest Control Companies?

Most pests can be controlled on your own with simple DIY methods that get the job done. At times, it could be as simple as going to a shop and buying bug spray to tackle the problem. Other times, you would have to set up an insect-killer lamp to take care of house flies or other winged pests.

Sometimes, this is not the case for some pests and they can be better handled by a pest control professional or a pest control company. These instances could include termites and bed bugs or even honeybees. There are other reasons why you would rather hire a professional on contract or as a regular service.

A pest control professional has the tools to sort out the problem as they can determine the source of pest thrive in your home. They can also determine the right amount of pesticide and insecticide that’s needed to wipe out all pests.

This makes it necessary to hire experienced professionals, who can understand the problem determine the root cause and provide solutions to make your home pest-free. Pest control professionals will help you understand what you can do and what you can expect.

10 Things You Should Expect From A Pest Control Company

First Step: Before the service day, you should be informed about any preparation that you might need to enable the services to be performed. Things like cleaning, clearing regions around the house, moving pets, storing food safely and figuring where your children could stay during the service period.

Second Step: A service professional should perform their work on time and also complete it within a specific time or time range. This means that you should expect that the technician should arrive at the time that is scheduled and complete it in a reasonable time period. If they have been delayed for any reason, they should call and reschedule for a time that is convenient for you.


Third Step: Your pest control professionals should appear neat and clean and their equipment should be well organized. This would mean that all pest professionals should arrive in neat clothing and clean equipment. If you have pesticide dripping off the side of the sprayer then it would usually drip all across your home floors.

Fourth Step: The pest professionals should show some form of identification especially if this is the first time they are servicing your home. They should be able to show you a company ID with a photograph that will help you feel safe and allow you to let them enter your home.

Fifth Step: You should have some sort of pre-service communication to discuss the problem and situation that you are in. This way, you will be able to determine:

  • What is the pest problem?
  • What kind of service is needed?
  • What pests have been spotted?
  • Where are the pests?

    You should walk around your home with the pest professional and show them what is seen and where. Also, at this time, you should follow the next step which is identification and inspection. In this manner, the technician should explain to you about the treatment, process and the products which would be used. Here, you are given the opportunity to ask questions and get all your doubts cleared.

    Sixth Step: Here, the service professionals should conduct the inspection for pests and signs of pest presence. They should inspect all the sites that were discussed and other areas where the pests are likely to be and what the potential contributing areas and conditions are. There should also be a positive identification of pests and the type of treatment to be used. If the service technician has not discussed a proposed treatment and the type of products that will be used, there should be a change in the treatment plan. They should communication again with you about the kind of treatment that should be performed and products to be used and discussed in case there are any issues or questions.

    Identification and treatment

Seventh Step: The treatment that is conducted should be based on the discussion that you approve and understand. It will be done and performed in an applicable manner which is done through an Integrated Pest Management approach.

Eighth Step: After the treatment is completed, the pest professional should communicate with you about what is being done. This is in terms of how, why, where and the necessary precautions that you should take to safeguard your family. After answering all questions in the post-service communication and recommendations, they should recommend areas that need to be made and the follow up after that. For instance, if there were mice then they would request you to fill the gaps and fix the screens.

Ninth Step: Along with discussing information with you, a service technician should provide you with a written service report. They will note what was done, what was the procedure, where was it done, and explain how and why this method was used. In case of additional information, you can connect with them and finally, the note should contain recommendations.

Tenth Step: Once the job is completed, you need to follow up with them in case there are some pests that continue to annoy you. These pests could be bed bugs, house flies or ants. There should be a follow-up service that is needed in case of follow-up service in case it is recommended.

Why Sign Up With Pest Control Companies?

As a homeowner, if you feel that it is impossible to fight pests at home then you need to register with a pest control company. Fill in your email address and zip code to get a free quote and then you can determine which is the best service for you. As detailed above, you should ensure that pest control companies follow these guidelines to give you the best service. Once they explain to you the procedures required and how they would go about their plan, you should know the costs involved too. Before you sign up for a plan, you should consider reviewing some of the top rated pest control companies. So what are you waiting for? Sign up now!

Why Do You Need Professional Pest Control Help?

When you find that there are ants running about all across the kitchen floor or watch a spider dangle from the ceiling. Then you know that you really have a pest problem. Pest issues can damage your home and make it difficult for you to live in your home. If you cannot keep this pest problem under control then you should know that it’s time you hire a professional pest control company. These pest control companies know what it takes to treat your home against all pests.

There are several Do-It-Yourself techniques, products, and tools to make sure that your home is pest-free. At times, all your effort might not be enough to fight off these pests and you need alternatives to get things under control and make your home a fun place to relax and enjoy with all your loved ones.

Do you agree? Then these 12 reasons are sure to check all the boxes as to why you need a pest control company:

1) Creating a Plan

When you hire a professional, you should know that they understand all the needs that you need for your home. They know exactly what it takes to create a formulated and planned approach to implement the right service that will eliminate the problem without overcharging you.

2) Identify and Eliminate Pests

Pest control companies find solutions to eliminate different types of pests which includes all sorts of insects. There are different types of baits and chemicals used to extract and eliminate pests. Only a licensed pest control technician will be able to safely and properly use the right dosage of chemicals to apply and know where and when to use them. By hiring a pest control service, you know that professionals have the training and experience to fight pests. This is done by identifying pests, baiting them with traps and using organic or green pest control methods when necessary. So if you are not sure what to do, then an exterminating company will help you and keep the problem in check.

3) Finding the Source

Finding the Source

Professionals can improve the effectiveness of pest control treatment by finding the source of the problem. The best way to fight pests is to find the source attracting them to your home. Pest control companies can determine the cause of problems and eliminate future problems. These sources include egg batches, nests, garbage, plants, and soil.

Getting rid of a line of ants isn’t going to eliminate all the ants in your home, and killing one mouse doesn’t mean you’ve eradicated your pest problem. You have to find the source, and that can be hard for a homeowner to do. The best thing you can do is to hire a pest control company and take the time and effort to locate the source of the pest infestation. This will help you with dealing with the infestation problem in places that you cannot reach and that cannot be seen in plain sight.

4) Time

You should know that when hiring a professional pest control company, you can get a quicker and more effective method to deal with the problem. This is because pest control companies have the experience and the right chemicals that may not be available off the shelf in stores. Also, they can quickly implement extermination plans and eliminate the problem in a short span of time. Most companies can complete their treatment service within one to six hours and also handle larger problems that need fumigation. In fact, if you come to think about it, pest control companies are there to you save time and pest control is assured within the perimeter of the structure of the client’s home.

5) Avoiding damage

The best thing about hiring a pest control company is that you can save money over time. Pest damage carpets, foundations, furniture, walls and rugs among others. This will force you to repair the damage and this means that you will have to pay constantly to get it fixed. By paying a professional to eradicate the pest infiltration, you are sure to get a quick and easy fix to protect your home from further damage. The savings you make by ensuring that your home is not damaged is worth the cost of a professional pest control company.

6) Pests Can Make You Very Sick

Pests Can Make You Very Sick

Pest can be dangerous and cause sickness to members of your home if not kept in check. This is because they carry germs, allergens, and harmful bacteria. You should know that ticks carry Lyme disease, cockroaches carry E. coli and salmonella, and mosquitoes are famous for malaria and zika virus. The best way you can keep pests at bay is if you hire a professional.

7) DIY Pest Control Isn’t Exact

Pest control companies take a while to figure out what kind of pests they are dealing with. Then they use the right chemicals in the right formula and use baits to capture the exact species. You would probably try Googling a remedy but that won’t help getting rid of the pests on your own.

8) Pest Control Companies Know How to Handle the Chemicals

Without knowledge of pest control products and how to effectively use them, you could cause more harm than good in your home. The other major problem is how will you store the excess chemicals that could be hazardous to your children and pets. While in contrast, a pest control company would know how to handle these chemicals property and avoid damage to people at home and to property. The chemicals are usually stronger than the ones purchased at a store and they would know how to keep them secure for a longer period of time.

9) Guarantee

The other advantage that you are sure to keep close at hand is the guarantee. It proves that the offering guarantees that their treatment is successful. Also, this will ensure that if it didn’t work out that they would be back to complete the job.

10) Save Money

Save Money

Getting rid of a pest problem effectively and quickly will help you save money over time when you are selecting a professional. Look for a reputable home pest control company that takes the safety of your family and home seriously. Even though you can buy insecticides which are relatively cheaper than hiring a professional exterminator, a professional exterminator works out better as they will be able to buy more products at a wholesale rate. By understanding the kind of insect that they are dealing with they would be able to gauge the dose and the source of the problem. Knowing which insect they are dealing with and the correct product to fight them is half the battle won. As a property owner, you may not be able to decipher which product to use and end up spending more than necessary.

11) Risk

When you are using pest control products, you will know that it comes with a risk and this could affect your family and the environment. Pest control companies use only trained professionals and know what is the prescribed limit of dosage under the state and national laws. This will ensure that animals and people in neighboring areas are not affected by their exposure to insecticides.

12) Prevention

A pest control company comes with a wealth of knowledge that is usually used to prevent pests from spreading. They can further assist you with gaining knowledge and information on what you can do to prevent pests from taking over your home if not kept in check.

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and get a free pest control company quote and have a professionally trained pest control expert take care of your pest problem. Don’t wait until its too late and let it cost you!

How to Choose a Qualified Pest Management Company

Deciding a professional pest control company is a vital decision. You would like the company to resolve your pest problems using environmentally sound pest management methods.

When most people discover a pest problem, they want to get rid of the pest right away. Pest problems happen from time to time that may require you to ask for help controlling the pest from a professional. It can be scary to select a pest control company. Don’t rush into a decision. Consider talking with a number of companies before deciding on one. Even if your pest problem is urgent, take time to seek for a reputable and knowledgeable company that meets your standards. This is extremely important as you would not want them to be like Walter White cooking meth in your house in their spare time! Do you?

cooking meth

When you find out a pest problem in and around your home, the first step is to identify the pest. The pest may be a weed, insect, rodent, mold or other nuisance. Reputable Pest Control Companies have resources that can provide precise pest identification and pest control options. Some problems may be more than a homeowner can handle and may need a competent professional pesticide applicator.

Why Hire a Pest Management Company?

  • For safe and most effective use of pesticides, it is advised to consult with a professional pest management company. However, if you choose to use pesticide yourself, take a sample of the pest to a pest management company or to your local Extension office to acquire a positive identification. Inquire for suggestions on the best methods and products to use. Always read and follow the label directions on all pesticides.
  • Professional pest management companies have access to the most recent selections of formulations and products, and the know-how with current pest conditions.
  • Even if you have an in-house certified applicator, a pest management professional can be a helpful resource as a consultant on issues of pest identification, product selection, technique or method selection, and management options or alternatives.
  • Think of the liability issues from misapplications of products! In order to avoid potential pest problems resulting in bites, allergic reactions, health issues or stings, talk to a pest management professional.

First, don’t settle for the first pest control company listed in the yellow pages; you must take your time in selecting a pest control company. Make contact with the Better Business Bureau, or Angie’s List to see what companies in your region are trustworthy. Speak to friends, co-workers, and neighbors to see who they have used, and bring together a list of companies to contact.

Before You Choose:

Once you have a list of companies, you will want to make a list of important questions to ask each provider. This list must take in questions like:

  1. How long have they been working pest control?
  2. Do they have references on hand or customer testimonials?
  3. Do they fit into any renowned national pest control associations?
  4. Does the company carry liability insurance?
  5. Are their technicians fully certified?
  6. Does the company have prior experience with your pest problem?
  7. Does the company use integrated pest management solutions to solve pest problems, or do they rely only on the use of pesticides and chemicals?
  8. How soon can they get there, and how long will the service take?
  9. Does the company provide any service guarantees?

Be careful of Companies That:

Be careful of Companies

  • Do not have a listed or working telephone number
  • Try to force you into immediately signing a contract.
  • Claim to be endorsed by a city, state or other national pest control association. These entities do not endorse companies
  • Are unwilling to show you the pest or signs of the pest infestation
  • Cannot or will not answer queries or address your concerns professionally and to your satisfaction
  • Slander other pest control companies by signifying that their products are illegal
  • Submit a quotation that is considerably lower or higher than that of any other companies contacted
  • Cannot show evidence of state’s department of health licensing
  • Cannot show proof of liability and property damage insurance.

Selecting a Pest Control Company

After posing the above questions to your prospective companies, you may also desire to collect some estimates for comparison. Even though the cost is important, don’t let that factor solely decide which company you select – one company may be cheaper than another, but you must bear in mind that you get what you pay for.

Some companies may take care of the pest problem for less, but give up service or attention to detail. You will want to pick a pest control company that has a verified track record of success with your specific problem and can provide eco-friendly pest management solutions. They must offer promises that show they stand behind the work they execute.

You will also want to be certain that they reflect on your pest problem from a holistic point of view. A liable pest control company will look at your pest problem from all possible angles and will deal with the matter with care and consideration for your home environment, your family, and your pets. They will not turn at once to the use of chemicals and will even look for possible non-chemical treatments that may be obtainable. Besides making your home pest free, the skilled pest control professional will be concerned with keeping your home and family harmless and having the least impact possible on your environment.

You will usually look for someone who specializes in insects or preferably, insect pests. That person is called is called an entomologist. They are liable for taking care of any unexpected situation in a pest control scenario.

What You Don’t Have To Do

Do not choose a pest management company just because they are the cheapest around. In its place, check their track record; ask them what kind of approach they are going to take in regards to dealing with the pests. This is not the time to be a cheapskate. There are only two kinds of pest management companies: one that does the job effectively and one that doesn’t.

Choosing a cheaper but very inferior service almost results into a re-infestation in the future, which make you pay more than what you would have if you chose the right in the first place. In addition, ask these pest control experts if they offer any warranty for their service.  Some insects can re-infest a home easily after some time, so it may be hard for them to give an answer. However, if the professionals really know what they are doing, then they would be able to give you a sensible and more satisfactory reply.

To keep your home and family protected, and to keep it free from pests, become a liable consumer. It is up to you whom you invite into your home, so be particular: don’t just settle for the best price – look around and you will observe that you have plenty of options when it comes to picking the right pest exterminator.