How to Choose a Qualified Pest Management Company

Deciding a professional pest control company is a vital decision. You would like the company to resolve your pest problems using environmentally sound pest management methods.

When most people discover a pest problem, they want to get rid of the pest right away. Pest problems happen from time to time that may require you to ask for help controlling the pest from a professional. It can be scary to select a pest control company. Don’t rush into a decision. Consider talking with a number of companies before deciding on one. Even if your pest problem is urgent, take time to seek for a reputable and knowledgeable company that meets your standards. This is extremely important as you would not want them to be like Walter White cooking meth in your house in their spare time! Do you?

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When you find out a pest problem in and around your home, the first step is to identify the pest. The pest may be a weed, insect, rodent, mold or other nuisance. Reputable Pest Control Companies have resources that can provide precise pest identification and pest control options. Some problems may be more than a homeowner can handle and may need a competent professional pesticide applicator.

Why Hire a Pest Management Company?

  • For safe and most effective use of pesticides, it is advised to consult with a professional pest management company. However, if you choose to use pesticide yourself, take a sample of the pest to a pest management company or to your local Extension office to acquire a positive identification. Inquire for suggestions on the best methods and products to use. Always read and follow the label directions on all pesticides.
  • Professional pest management companies have access to the most recent selections of formulations and products, and the know-how with current pest conditions.
  • Even if you have an in-house certified applicator, a pest management professional can be a helpful resource as a consultant on issues of pest identification, product selection, technique or method selection, and management options or alternatives.
  • Think of the liability issues from misapplications of products! In order to avoid potential pest problems resulting in bites, allergic reactions, health issues or stings, talk to a pest management professional.

First, don’t settle for the first pest control company listed in the yellow pages; you must take your time in selecting a pest control company. Make contact with the Better Business Bureau, or Angie’s List to see what companies in your region are trustworthy. Speak to friends, co-workers, and neighbors to see who they have used, and bring together a list of companies to contact.

Before You Choose:

Once you have a list of companies, you will want to make a list of important questions to ask each provider. This list must take in questions like:

  1. How long have they been working pest control?
  2. Do they have references on hand or customer testimonials?
  3. Do they fit into any renowned national pest control associations?
  4. Does the company carry liability insurance?
  5. Are their technicians fully certified?
  6. Does the company have prior experience with your pest problem?
  7. Does the company use integrated pest management solutions to solve pest problems, or do they rely only on the use of pesticides and chemicals?
  8. How soon can they get there, and how long will the service take?
  9. Does the company provide any service guarantees?

Be careful of Companies That:

Be careful of Companies

  • Do not have a listed or working telephone number
  • Try to force you into immediately signing a contract.
  • Claim to be endorsed by a city, state or other national pest control association. These entities do not endorse companies
  • Are unwilling to show you the pest or signs of the pest infestation
  • Cannot or will not answer queries or address your concerns professionally and to your satisfaction
  • Slander other pest control companies by signifying that their products are illegal
  • Submit a quotation that is considerably lower or higher than that of any other companies contacted
  • Cannot show evidence of state’s department of health licensing
  • Cannot show proof of liability and property damage insurance.

Selecting a Pest Control Company

After posing the above questions to your prospective companies, you may also desire to collect some estimates for comparison. Even though the cost is important, don’t let that factor solely decide which company you select – one company may be cheaper than another, but you must bear in mind that you get what you pay for.

Some companies may take care of the pest problem for less, but give up service or attention to detail. You will want to pick a pest control company that has a verified track record of success with your specific problem and can provide eco-friendly pest management solutions. They must offer promises that show they stand behind the work they execute.

You will also want to be certain that they reflect on your pest problem from a holistic point of view. A liable pest control company will look at your pest problem from all possible angles and will deal with the matter with care and consideration for your home environment, your family, and your pets. They will not turn at once to the use of chemicals and will even look for possible non-chemical treatments that may be obtainable. Besides making your home pest free, the skilled pest control professional will be concerned with keeping your home and family harmless and having the least impact possible on your environment.

You will usually look for someone who specializes in insects or preferably, insect pests. That person is called is called an entomologist. They are liable for taking care of any unexpected situation in a pest control scenario.

What You Don’t Have To Do

Do not choose a pest management company just because they are the cheapest around. In its place, check their track record; ask them what kind of approach they are going to take in regards to dealing with the pests. This is not the time to be a cheapskate. There are only two kinds of pest management companies: one that does the job effectively and one that doesn’t.

Choosing a cheaper but very inferior service almost results into a re-infestation in the future, which make you pay more than what you would have if you chose the right in the first place. In addition, ask these pest control experts if they offer any warranty for their service.  Some insects can re-infest a home easily after some time, so it may be hard for them to give an answer. However, if the professionals really know what they are doing, then they would be able to give you a sensible and more satisfactory reply.

To keep your home and family protected, and to keep it free from pests, become a liable consumer. It is up to you whom you invite into your home, so be particular: don’t just settle for the best price – look around and you will observe that you have plenty of options when it comes to picking the right pest exterminator.

How Regular Should You Treat Your House For Pests

Infinite questions crop up in a homeowner’s mind when a pest invasion takes place. How did the annoying bugs get in? Will they get away on their own? Can I take out the pests myself? Should I call a pest exterminator? Which pest service must I get?

We understand…there is plenty to think over to make sure you successfully remove the bug problem while spending the lowest possible price. And we are here to tell you there is, in fact, a happy medium with effective pest control and pricing. To attain this happy medium for cost-effective pest control service, you have to get a regular service that comes frequent enough to put off bugs from being on your property without being overkill. Regular pest control service keeps bugs away all year at a price you can pay for.

How do I decide Pest Control Treatment Frequency?

Bring in the experts. Wait for them to spend at least an hour poking around every corner of your home, crawl space, attic, and yard. Don’t be amazed if they discover an infestation you didn’t even make out you had. Not all pests are of high visibility.

When they are done, they will have recognized your issues, how awful they are and what it’s going to take to knock them out. With that information, they will design a treatment schedule that will keep the pests away. And they will ensure to turn up on time for every appointment with an advance confirmation call to remind you of their visit.

How often should I have a Pest Control Treatment done?

The frequency of Pest Control Treatment depends on the location of your house and the pest density. If your home is affected by a common pest such as cockroaches or silverfish, a bi-monthly service must be adequate to keep them away. For example, if your house is situated in northeast then you can plan a quarterly service data and carry out the same results. But if you live in a region such as Florida where certain ants are hard to overcome, then one would certainly want to have a monthly service. Check with your pest controller, but normally it is suggested to spray once every 6 months. Shorter or longer periods may be recommended, according to precise situations or business codes.

Although each infestation is different, the most cost-effective pest control is a bi-monthly (every two months) pest control service. However, there are some variables to think when making this choice. A pest control technician will offer treatment every other month and methodically examine every corner of your property for potential pest problems. You’re wholly protected from pests!

A customary bi-monthly service generally covers bugs like spiders, ants, crickets, silverfish, earwigs, and wasps. Any other insect may be measured a specialty pest. A bi-monthly service will work for specialty pests; inquire with your exterminator about service options for these types of bugs.

Also, the products and meticulousness of your service will decide if a bi-monthly service is suitable for the serviced property. An exterminator must be able to control bugs with service every two months, if not, think about another company.

Why the bi-monthly service?


Usually, pesticides are helpful up to two months after distribution. With a bi-monthly service, a technician will be able to re-apply the products so you always have a protective barrier for bugs.

After the first few services on the bi-monthly pest control plan, all nuisance pests in your home are eliminated and a more preventive approach is taken. The technicians continue to treat targeted pests and areas but put a heavier stress on recognizing potential pest problems. And frequently at this point, pest problems can be controlled from the exterior of your property.

Another great trait of bi-monthly pest control service is free re-treats between services. If you observe bugs on your property between service, a technician comes out without delay to eliminate the pests – at no extra charge. Essentially, a bi-monthly pest service gives you pest control whenever you call for it.

Other service options like one-time treatment are a temporary solution. Sure, it guarantees services for 30 days, but after that? It will eradicate bugs on the surface but what about their eggs are hidden deep within cracks or cervices. Then you are in the same vulnerable position as before for traces of ants and a mess of cobwebs & spiders.

A monthly pest control service is probably too much treatment and you’re paying for unnecessary services.

What about your other pest control options?

You can also procure pest control products from a hardware store. Buying do-it-yourself (DIY) pesticides from a hardware store is another option you may consider. But also consider that the products at a hardware store are only what are obtainable at a consumer level. Commercial pest control products, only available to licensed pest control applicators, are more targeted and effective.

Are you ready to put in the time, effort and money into do-it-yourself pest control products?

You may finish up buying numerous products before you find one that effectively treats your pest invasion. It is not just a matter of spraying pesticides all over your property. You must also know techniques to attract pests to product and specific areas to distribute the product. A licensed technician is trained and knows how to tactically treat targeted areas and pests.

Ample time, money, and effort are required for effective DIY pest control.

Get on a bi-monthly pest service today

Obtain bi-monthly pest control at only $69 every other month. You will receive pest control treatments and a knowledgeable pest control specialist. The specialist will be like your very own personal pest control technician.

Get responses to anything about pests, have your pest control requests fulfilled, and take pleasure in a pest free home!

Winding up, talk with your exterminator about service options and assurances so you can obtain the best pest control service at the lowest price today! Compare this information along with the costs before you make a concluding decision and sign a contract.